Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Hi everyone.
I am starting this early today so that I get a chance to squeeze it in today!
This past weekend we spent time in Ocala at mom and dad's house! it was a relaxing evening and full of laughs! Yes, as usual...Jay had us in stitches. He is so busy and I swear Mom is still resting from just watching that child charge through her house all weekend. I have decided that when you are at their is like abed and breakfast. Our meals are always fabulous and you never leave the table hungry!
Mom and I went out shopping to my usual haunts while I am in town.
Jay warmed right up to his Great Grandoa and spent more time on his lapo than anyone elses!!! I snapped tons of photos and even switched over to a video!
How sweet is this baby face looking at his Great Grandpa!

jay's looking at his Grampy in this picture!
I said, give him kisses and he started blowing kisses!

Emmy was a bit ill this weekend...she was chilled way out! Jay loves her!

Jay's silly faces and antics keep us going! He has just started liking the camera finally...but he is still a bundle of motion!

After Jay's bath...his hair was all over the place! Dad put some aquaphor on him and in his hair! The flash caused his hair to come out super red I had to post it! hahaha

My parents are in Vegas! Once they get home, they will finally have all their new furniture delivered and officially move in...oh but not before my PA family come to visit and enjoy their time in FL. I am looking forward to I imagine they are too! Today is supposed to reach 82* which is a near record set back in 1974---

Jayda had to take a visit to the after hours pediatric emergency room on Saturday...she was with her father and he had taken them go karting...she wrecked into an accident and the wall....bruised her sternum pretty good! Put a kink in Saturday evening...and poor jake had to be so worried about his sister. Some birthday for him!

Today is a busy day! I am preparing for jake's birthday! His birthday was on Saturday, but we are celebrating today! He invited a friend to come over. Nothing too exciting but then again, Jake is pretty low key!
Here he was the first day of his life 12 years ago!

This was day before the first day of first grade. Meet your teacher! He drew her a picture and made her a card, telling her he loved her! Unfortunately, his teacher made it halfway through the year before being diagnosed with cancer. She ended up losing that battle a couple years later. She was sorely missed on our staff!

Here he was in Kindergarten!

Almost 7 here!


Anonymous said...

Another snow day for us in PA. Don't know if we will ever make it through this school year. Cole and I love spending the whole day in our pajamas on days like today. We are counting down the days until we get to Florida. Cole is excited to share Star Wars stories with Jacob, and I can't wait to see Jay for the first time. Keep blogging, Amy

Anonymous said...

Grandpa "Red" and I loved your blog. The pics and sweet! Jay really seemed to enjoy his Great Grandpa. Jacob's pictures are just precious. Can't believe he's twelve!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Jay is so full of life and so adorable! I look forward to coming down sometime when mom and dad are down so that I can catch up with everyone...look forward to seeing you guys soon! Kell

rairie said...

Home and poor but loved to finally read the blog again. The video with Red was priceless one...such a calm Jay on his GGdads lap. Awe.

Jakes pics were so nead

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