Monday, January 5, 2009

Keys Recap Part 2

Wednesday started out as usual...

However, the water was like glass this morning and it was proving to be an absolute gorgeous day! Lots of fishing was done today...only not me. I was busy with Baby Jay and the other children! We went swimming in the heated pool.... 84* to be exact! Jay had a ball and would drown himself if I weren't right nearby!
Relaxing day...ordered pizza delivered for dinner...coconut rum on the rocks with an Adirondack chair as the day rolls by and on into the new year!!

I made it to about 11:30 pm and then fell asleep! Jayda woke me up and wished me a happy new year and kissed me goodnight! LOL I am getting old....
Thursday morning:

This was another fishing day for me as my mother babysat the baby for me and my mom watched Jayda for the day. Jacob went fishing with Michael and I!

Michal caught a Mangrove snapper as did Jacob...both nice size keepers. But, we only caught two, not worth the time to clean and cook them! Also caught some Jacks and a gag grouper. However, no one caught anything edible and I was dying for fresh fish for dinner...I guess I had to settle for this at Island Grill in Islamorada!

It was the most delicious yellow tail snapper I have ever eaten...caught off alligator reef 5 miles out from where we were staying! Sliced top to bottom and deep fried, drizzled with a sweet sauce and shredded coconut on top...YUMMO!!!!
Friday morning:

We spent Friday exploring...we were looking for Anne's Beach and unfortunately...I didn't find it. Mother, Jacob, Jayda and Jay and I were off on an adventure. It started at Bob's Bunz...the best bunz on the island! Then we happened to pass by a coconut that had fallen in some one's driveway and we sent Jayda to retrieve it as a souvenir...not sure if that is stealing or not. I likened it to a pine cone and that put it into better prospective for me! Just so happened to stop off at a garage sale in the Keys...that made us laugh and we had to see what they were selling. Same thing you and i sell in a garage sale............
End of that excursion...back to the sand and sun to relax!
Later that night we grilled out and had marshmallows on the coals for dessert!!!!! AWESOME!
To bed early, as usual....
Up early for the sunrise, yet again:

Final views to remember for a while!

Then it was time to pack and leave! So sad to see it end! Already have plans to return in May to stay at the Key Largo Hilton and then back to the Breezy Palms in Dec for 10 days!
I am sure my mother has some fabulous pics I may snag from here and make a random recap in the next few days!
I had all these visions of things I wanted to do while there. But there was no greater joy than sitting with my feet in the sand RELAXING!
In the meantime...
Kids back to school, Jay is loving being home, and Michael is now working out of the house. This is so weird for me. But it is working out well!


angie worthington said...

jess, your pictures are awesome, especially the sunrise one's...looks & sounds like all of you had a wonderful time!...

rairie said...

Yes I have great pics too. Will make a DVD for you and then you will owe me! I have all the Kayaking pics. That was the highlight of my trip, I think. I really loved being on the ocean. However there was not one minute that I did not love!

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