Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random Pics from the Keys! Part 1

I will be posting random pictures from our trip that were taken by Bryan and my mother.

I love this picture!
On the Conch Train

Jay became wirey and unruly....

One day the iguanas were out in full force! Did you know they can swim very well for many miles??? When they get tired they puff up their belly and float. They came from Cuba! There were about 10 all over the property on one day. They are not so friendly either and they leave yucky dudey piles!
To be continued...


rairie said...

What wonderful memories we have shared. The pictures are just a neat reminder of the love and caring family we are fortunate enough to be part of. Both the Carter and Rairie families are blessed.
Right Peg?

Anonymous said...

Yes Deb,we are truly all ways. Peggy

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