Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here is how I found Jay at his naptime. He was "supposed to be sleeping". Some how he managed to grab the direct tv box and then was standing on it. UGH!

Mike was gearing up the kayak for a sunday fishing trip. Jay saw the kayak and HAD to get in it! PS: Notice my neighbors lawn-this is not even the best part...there is a stalk of corn growing in the front lawn as a weed....this is what you get when your neighbors walk away from a 284,000 mortgage and leave the house to go to H-E-double hockey stick! If your wondering....they refinanced three times and had all the latest gadgets and best things in life...ooops guess they got in over their heads. So they did what every American living the american dream does......tongue in cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
A great big birthday shout out to my Father in Law on his 67 birthday! Michael, Jay and I met Bill and Susan and Jack at the Steakhouse for a big surprise where we met jayne, peggy and Jay. He was very surprised. After dinner, we headed back to their house for cake and ice cream! It was a great time. I have gotten very bad about taking pictures lately....sorry! I wish I had more! Susan took tons of beautiful pictures! Maybe she will send me some...wink wink wink!
Friday afternoon we returned to visit family in Ocala and had a wonderful time!!!
Mom and dad are on their way to pick up Great Grandpa...its been a while since we have seen him and he will be spending some time in FL.
I can't wait til Jay gets a chance to see him again!
Today, Mike is fishing...
Jacob is going with his dad...
Jay is napping...I hope!!!!!
Jayda is leaving to go to the Girl Scout Cookie Kick off today....
I am at home...again...creating!
I have been named a Challenge Design Team Leader and I have been super busy doing this for an online forum.

Sorry for the long delay in posting!


Rachel said...

It's girl scout cookie time all ready??? I need to find out if any of my students can hook me up with some tagalongs and samoas!

As always, Jay looks like a basket of of energy and fun! Love your pics of your little man :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog!!! Love it, love it....especially the kayak pic with our Jay inside it. Your ex neighbor's lawn was really fun to see. The birthday party was perfect. Thanks for being here....Love you. I'm wondering about my Girl Scout cookie order....the peanut butter sandwich cookies??? We've been hearing all day "Throw away anything with peanut butter in it" Love, Mom

rairie said...

I loved the pics..thank you for picking me up at the airport! I am worn out but had to see what you were blogging.
Mother Dearest (Miss Daisy)

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