Thursday, May 14, 2009

Teenage Mortification Material!

Just decided to blog...I am sure the little man child will awaken from his nap...cause that's my luck.
Well, rather than complaining, I should just shut up and type!

Okay, with that said, I am gearing up for a busy Friday! Field trip to St. Augustine with Jayda's class will have Michael as Mr. Mom + Day Care for Jay. He is going to have to juggle an appointment and watch Jay. He is not complaining as we are thrilled for the prospect of a sale!
My mother is filling in while he is away. However, her ever increasing busy life in her new community has her running from one event to the next...tomorrow is no exception.

I am thrilled how quickly they have moved into and become part of this community. It keeps her off my back and not nagging me. Hahahaha-just kidding! It actually keeps her from spending time with me! Although, I am thinking I might go along with her to some events...would up the anty on my social life, that is for sure!

Man child is up...will have to complete later!

Let's get this started right off...
Now, you may remember the Easter morning video...yeah, kind of obnoxious! Well, now you will understand that it is indeed genetic and obviously being passed right on down...

Yeah, he loves to perform.

Not only does he have a refined sense of music but also recognizes fine jewelery and is capable of calling it pretty...although it comes out "pritleeee".
You will notice he thinks his wearing of this is wonderful...
Even went so far as to say pretty...or pritleeeee.
Then, it is as if his man brain kicks in and his brain registers perhaps it may be pretty but not something he should be wearing.
With this look, he is sure I have gone over the deep end by thinking that photographing him with my necklace on is nothing if not just wrong! hahaha

Needless to say, I still think it is pritleee!

While I am going ahead and posting pics that will mortify him one day, I figure I might as well just push it as far as I can.
Saturday, Jayda had a luau birthday party to attend. I pulled out the luau gear I had in the closet and Jay found it worthy of his attention! As a matter of fact, he loved shaking it!
This face was him talking to me about the plasticy things on his neck.
You will see his delight and joy at being such a hula hula boy!

Now, isn't that fun? Who wouldn't love to put one of those on and dance around...go ahead and admit you would enjoy it too!

Let's see...what else can I do to mortify him?
Oh yeah...this past week, he had had a couple of positive interactions with the potty! He made it to the potty for a #1...and then a couple days later, he was going to hide and I suggested he go use the potty and he agreed. We headed back and hopped on the Thomas the Train toilet seat. He proceeded to sit and talk and avoid the impending bodily function. Michael hollered back to give him some reading material...and interestingly enough, Jayda brought a book about vehicles called, Baby's things that go...seriously...that's what it is called. I know, IRONIC! But it worked!!!! A minute later we were talking about a motorcycle and it happened. I even took a picture of it. I know...motherhood is a sick sick sick world to be in the middle of!

Other than that....not much more...
I need to get out more...after rereading this...I may be a bit off kilter. hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Great! Great! Can't believe I just got to see my little entertainer LIVE!! What a treat!!! {even better than I could have imagined} The blog and pics are terrific!!!! Good news about the proud! Thanks for giving me smiles. Love, Mom

rairie said...

Oh Baby Oh Baby Oh! The whole darn family just may be a little nuts! He was a little surprised when he heard the plop/splash sound in the toilet.
Have fun tomorrow!

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