Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jayda's big day!

He's Back!!
It's my brother!!!
After graduating from Clarion University in PA, he began working as a radio dj. He worked in Pittsburgh and then was transferred to Altoona. Then, that station was making changes and his job was up in the air. Having young children, he decided that the volatile radio jobs were not secure enough for his family. He is just now making his way back into radio. Here is his first ad for the station he now works for in Altoona!

Here is the paper clipping he sent my parents today!


I was able to participate in a very special day for Jayda! Her classroom teacher, Miss McCarron, was holding a special activity at 10:30 am.
Here's the invitation:

The children would present a power point slide show they created on their own. There were also presentations made about the particular activities she did through out the year! I took pictures when Jayda was presenting about . She had memorized her lines and worked hard not to look at her words she had written. After she was finished, you could see she was still "stressing" over what she had done. I was truly very proud of her because it is difficult to stand in front of, not only your peers, but also their parents. Throw your mother in the mix and can imagine how nerve racking!
Here she was just after I arrived!

This was her group she presented with as they began.

You can see her speaking from memory. Minus the eye contact with her audience. I can feel her pain! hahaha

Thinking of her words.

Speaking again.


Biting her lip remembering what she spoke about.

The pride she has in herself for remembering all her lines...AND being done!!!


Here's her lovely teacher!

Here she is with her friends!

The power point presentation was put on the video camera. I am unsure whether or not I can get that uploaded to Youtube to add here.
I made a thank you card for Grandpa Red! You can find directions on my other blog.

I caught this photo this evening. This is not a cloud, it is the smoke from a nearby forest fire. We haven't had rain at all!

We had a bar b que at my folks house! {On the grill...somehow that didn't sound right after talking about a forest fire!}
Corn on the cob and is it ever good here in Florida right now!
Here's my mom:

Not only has the baby sat by himself, clapped, but at dinner...he was waving hi. He would say "haaii" and wave his arm back and forth. Then after he did it, he would clap. It was adorable and hard to catch on film but we did our best!
Here he is waving with his right hand.

Click the arrow on the picture for the video! I did it! Turn up the volume so you can hear it. It is on the bottom right hand of screen, it is a on it and raise the bar up!

Here he is finally with me!

Notice how he is pushing away while I am trying to kiss him...typical boy!

Yes, this is enough.
Make sure and scroll down...I posted this morning also for well, make sure you see how cute he was eating from chopsticks the other day!
If you stayed with it this long, you are patient!

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