Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...Memorable!

Let's see, where do I begin???

We all had a ball so far this weekend! It was such a pleasure to enjoy Mom and Dad Carter's hospitality. Everyone in my family had such a great time! I think I had the most!

Ok, first things first. Baby Jay is all confused about clapping, good bye, and hi now. It seems everyone is waving and clapping all at the same time. So now when you talk to him, he pretty much smiles, squeals and claps. Vaguely you will hear a hi in there as well! I guess he figures he can just about do anything and you will clap at him,, and if not, he will just clap at you!

Grammy Carter played a game with Jay last night. She would make a noise at him and he would repeat her. They played this for about 15 minutes until Grammy's voice was tired. Tonight at dinner, he played the same game with papa. It was so cute to watch him figure out the cause and effect of that game!

Ok, now to jump into the run down of our Saturday in Ocala.

I was up about 7:00 ish with the thrilling thought it was my shopping at Griffin's Day! You can read about it on my other blog. I will put up pictures Monday Morning.
I was up and let baby and daddy sleep in a little. We had breakfast and it was OH SO DELISH!!! Jayda loved the bacon and scarfed up every last piece that was left! Friday evening she was so excited and asked what was for Breakfast...just after we arrived. She's the thinest one in the bunch and that child was the most concerned about what we were having for every meal. Getting it all straight in her head!
I can't wait to read their take on their blogs about our weekend!

I left around 9ish to go over to Griffin's, where I spent the most exciting hour shopping for a total of 40% off everything! Woohoo!
Here's the baby...I don't think he missed me for even a minute!

We headed over to see the miniature horses where Roberta met us out by the pasture with her granddaughter to show them to us.

Baby Jay loking around...

Checking them out...seemingly enjoying it...

Then he has a major freak out! He just opened his mouth wide, let out a blood curdling shriek and backed away in daddy's arms. Crying. Not liking the horses AT ALL!!!!!

He much preferred watching the silly dog, even then he didn't want the dog close!

Here's Roberta's sweet dog.

Into the pool!


See baby Jay swim for the first time ever!!!

Check out these peliated wood peckers!

Jay assumes his position as we head home!

We left Ocala this morning around 9:30 am. The afternoon came and went as Mike worked outside and I tried to get a grip on the inside. Baby was busy and kept me busy. Then it was off to the airport to take Marc for his trip back to London for 2 weeks. Then to my parents house for pork chops.
Baby Jay was happy as can be, but was definitely ready for his bath and bed this evening!

Thank you Mom and Dad Carter for an excellent time. We all enjoyed staying with you.
PS: Mike, the baby, and I all slept better than we have in ages!!! We are still trying to figure out why! Hmmm, I know where I am going when I need a good sleep!
I imagine it won't be too long before I am run down and need a good nights rest again!

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