Thursday, May 15, 2008

A day to remember

I had the best day with my mother yesterday!
I picked her up at 9:00am and we headed out for a shopping day! We headed towards Daytona Beach with AC Moore as our first stop! I needed to check out some 1$ stamps for card making. We shopped there a bit then headed over to Tuesday Morning. I looked around there while my mother ran over to Bealls. We met back up in Tuesday Morning where I found a hammock mess bag for hanging in the tub for baby toys to dry in. It is getting to the time when bath time becomes a huge form of playtime! I am trying to make it as comfortable experience for Michael as possible. {Giggling!} He has become the "bathing connoisseur". This is such a burden off my shoulders and a chance to take a break.
After TM, we headed towards the ocean. As we went over the intercoastal we could see the ocean from the top of the bridge. The palm trees, blue skies, sunshine, and gorgeous ocean splayed out before us was such a beautiful sight. We were going to go and check out the daytona boardwalk, when I decided I wanted to head up just short of Ormond and check out a scrapbook store. Unfortunately, the woman is selling it and there was not much to look at there. While inside, I was chatting with the store owner and happened to mention my mother and I were on our way to lunch. She asked where we were going. I asked her what her suggestion was, and she responded, D.B. Pickles(Deli and Bakery). It was delicious! I had a brisket sandwich and mothe rhad a Reuben. Baby Jay had cheerios! While Mother was in the bathroom, I snuck the check and paid. She treats me all the time! After, we stopped at the bakery counter and mother got 3 cookies. They were scrumptous, I had part of two most had chocolate so I couldn't have. I didn't mind at all...I was full from lunch!
From there, we headed back down to Daytona Beach and wandered around Marshall's. I ended up finding shin guards for jayda for a super good deal, so I grabbed those up quickly. It was just after walking out of the store, when we realized it was late! It was 3 pm! Hopped in the car and headed Mother was leaving with dad to go to Saturn in Daytona for a follow up dinner where they had just bought their new car.
I headed home and relaxed. I did not have to pick up the children from school as they were being picked up by their father. I took care of Baby Jay and played with him on the floor for some time. He is such a character! Still working on sitting up and hasn't gotten the idea of how to crawl yet. But not a bad thing...when he goes...he is going to GO!!!!
I made dinner for Michael and we had an enjoyable quiet for a baby who was crabby just before bed! But he is so good so often, a little crankiness is good for him!
I have some cute pictures, but I can't find my cord to hook camera to PC...I will look harder for it and post later!
Hmmm, I am worried...I don't know where it is.
Found it....Jacob got it mixed in with his video game wires...phew!

Have a wonderful day doing whatever you love doing most!
Pictures of the Day:
Baby Jay sits on his own!
"I bet you always wanted a monKEY!"

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