Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello From Ocala!

I am spending the weekend with the inlaws. UGH!!!
Hahaha just kidding!
I am so excited to be here! It is going to be such an enjoyable weekend.
We had a busy day preparing for our weekend away. Thank goodness the children are able to pack for themselves and were a great help!
Our trip here was easy and enjoyable.
We arrived at 8:00 pm and the children have already been in the pool and swam. The baby got a bath in the sink! It was cute. He's being a little grumpy now, but daddy is putting him to bed.
We have fun things planned for tomorrow and I will write all about it!
I will incorporate the pictures as soon as I get them uploaded!


rairie said...

Tell everyone Hello from us and have a great visit.

Stacy said...

Have a fun weekend :)

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