Friday, May 2, 2008

Top 20

1. Up and readied to meet my friend Hattie for a walk and lunch after.
2. Walked 5.5 miles and had a Fugi Apple salad at Panara.
3. Swallowed a hard piece of bread that cut the inside of my throat deep. Very sore throat! VERY!
4. happened to drive by and stopped in at JoLynn's workplace to say hi with the baby. She is a friend of mine that I have had here in Florida since 1993. She LOVED baby Jay and he only barfed on her three times. Put his hand in her shirt once and groped her then promptly leaned in to suckle.
4a. Stopped at Big Lots and found the cutest scrapping thing!
5. Picked up children.
5a. Jacob brings home a larvae of some kind in a box and asks me if it is ok if he takes care of it until it becomes a beetle. WHAT!?!
5b. I allow it and you would think the children are caring for a newborn child!
6. Learned a boat load of nasty gossip about job positions at school where I worked.
7. Thank God I am not going back there next year!!!
8. Home to prepare dinner for my parents.
9. halfway through I double check my calendar.
10. Jacob's game started at 600...not 730 YIKES!
11. Freak around...bark orders at children.
12. Arrive on time. Phew!
13. They win. Jacob plays well!!!
14. Their Dad picks them up after the game at the house.
15. Nursing takes its toll or my sports bra was too tight today...pain!
16. Baby falls asleep while Michael is dressing him after his bath.
17. Baby sleeps until 10:00pm wakes up I nurse and find some relief. Put back to bed.
18. Blog.
19. The end.
20. Picture of the Day: baby Jay finishes his first box of rice cereal!

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