Sunday, June 1, 2008

More fishing fun???

The guys got started early today to head out fishing...but not early enough.
It seems the bite let go out on the water when they were just heading out.
Although, it didn't stop the guys!
Unfortunately, from Mike's retelling it was the worst day he has ever had out on the water. It had nothing to do with the people...just all the other elements that I am not allowed to repeat here...{giggling! Heck, laughing out loud!} I only hope that everyone else had a good time! I know Michael had wished they would have gotten some kind of fishing action!
BTW...Mike never knew Uncle Gordy was a lefty and he had to reel upside down...That just added to Michael feeling like he could have helped more.

In the meantime, the girls all got together(along with baby Jay) and headed out to Daytona Beach for some shopping. We went to get some beads...and I didn't get any scrap stuff! Then we headed to Michael's and I used some more of my gift card from Mother's Day. I purchased some more card making materials. We shopped a little longer and then had lunch at Panera. My mother hated it and had yet again ordered a very disappointing salad. I absolutely loved my two different salads BOTH times I was there. I feel sorry for her and we won't go again.
The afternoon was rather slow and relaxing. Baby Jay recognizes when the door to the house opens and if he is in the other room he will squeal and clap his hands and then round and round his wrists go with excitement to see who it is that is coming in the house.
Michael took him to the grocery store with him while I worked on a scrapbook page. I will photograph it in the morning and post it on my other blog.
We made dinner together and had Salmon, edamame, salad, and corn bread muffins.
It was so yummy, but filling. So, I saved some for tomorrows lunch!
The baby got his bath and played a while on the floor before I nursed him and put him to bed.
We got word that Jake, baby Jay's cousin on Michael's side who was born July 4th,2007, is now walking. It is so exciting for them! I am not in any hurry to watch Jay walk yet. I am loving him being a baby!
Tomorrow is dinner at my aunt and uncle's house for Stromboli. It is a delicious meal and we are definitely looking forward to it!

Oh, we are conducting a science experiment here at our house. It involves a not so regular baby and Karo syrup. Stay tuned....


rairie said...

Guess you are trying to knock the tar out of Baby Jay. The boating day pictures were great...should have photographed all the ugly lettuce parts in my salad and the wilted look and taste. The bread was good. Love, Mom

Brock Family said...

We share a hobby and so do our husbands! My husband would love the fishing pictures!

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