Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy 8 Months!!!

Baby Jay is 8 months old!
He can:
*say mama and hi(hi was his first word months ago!)
*sit up,
*get down to move from sitting,
*army crawl,
*rolls if that's not working to get himself places,
*starting to pull up,
*into everything,
*loves books,
*he can pick a new toy out in an instant and enjoys new toys alot!,
*busy busy busy,
*buzzes around like a madman in his walker car thingy,
*has mastered the pinchy grip and LOOOOVVVEEES cheerios,
*drinks out of his sippy cup,
*hates soymilk(uh oh he is in for a big wake up call){remember he is allergic to milk protein}
*had his first sugar free popsicle and really loves them,
*new foods-started chicken this past week mixed with veggies, shared a graham cracker with daddy, even ate some of Jayda's birthday cake on the 24th! Otherwise, it is squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, mixed veggies, garden veggies, sweet potatoes and corn, guava, mango, papaya, blueberries and apples, prunes, mango-kiwi-bananas, applesauce, pears, peaches, apricots, and any other fruits.
*loves his bath
*has two bottom teeth and loves brushing them!

*throws up alot still, not as "clockworkish" but it gets you when you least expect it and it can be pretty nasty depending on what foods he ate. Guava has a bad second smell! hahahahahahahah
*Size 4 diapers
*diaper stays dry from 9 pm -5 am every night, has since about two months old.
*I will weigh him later today and get his rough weight and height!
*Loves his brother and sister and squeals with delight at them. He is fascinated with their quick movement, loud voices, silly capers.
*Likes going out and about
*thinks sitting on his dads shoulders makes him king of the world!

Well, I have been uber busy with Baby Jay lately. About three days ago, he started that wiggly, wirey, not sitting still stuff! If you hold him he stands up in your lap, grabs my face, then my hair, then my ear rings...then he is off trying to reach what he can around me and pushing off with his feet. If you put him on the floor, he army crawls and rolls where ever he needs to be. He has mastered the sit up move from laying down and can get down to move from a sitting position.

Yesterday morning, for the first time in ages...I revisited my favorite pasttime- Golf! Michael needed to hit some balls to get back in golfing form. The baby was in his stroller armed with cheerios, I took my 9 iron, and Michael had his clubs. The fresh air, sunny morning, odd{because it is nearly july) cool breeze, and green green grass just filled me to exhileration! I love golfing and have for many years...unfortunately, Michael's shoulder was getting worse, I got pregnant and then I had a much for golf. I miss it alot of days, but there is more important things to attend to at this point in my life. Hopefully, this will encourage Michael to play more and we can start playing again!

I had to retrieve Marc from the airport last night. His flight was to be in at 4:55 pm. I checked before I left and they said delayed until 6:03. So I left at 5:00. We went straight to the cell lot because I was a wee bit early and his flight scheduled time came and went...I called the airline! 7:35 pm it said! So baby was content in his carseat for the first hour and then I got him out! He was happy as could be and nursed and then that fidgety wiggly stuff I told you about in the last paragraph began!!! He chewed on the steering wheel, stood up in my lap, pulled my hair, played with the seatbelt, turned around and chewed on the steering wheel again, found the windshield wiper and turned that on full blast and then realized if he pulled on it water shot out, and so I fought him to keep him from doing it for the next half hour. Did I mention it was torrential downpours and thunder and lightening so close I felt the electricity? Finally the call came. His flight did not land until 20 til 8 and then he was not ready until a bit after 8 and I did not arrive home until 9 pm! Baby cried hysterically for a half hour. He woke up to find Marc in the car and was extremely stranger aware! Once home, he sobbed anytime I put him down here at the house from 9-10 pm. He finally came around after that hour and was his jovial self only to fall asleep soon after! I took a shower, read my Janet Evanovich book, Sugar Plums and my eyes fell closed! I am unaware as to when baby woke but I feel it was sometime at daybreak. Somehow I was still in a fog!

Michael lowered the crib last night to the super lowest position because he is just starting to pull himself up on things.

Have to make sure and put the sides up from now on. Oh look, baby Jay barfed on the rail already!

His toy box has to be on his side now because he wants what's in there and will pull himself up on it only to have it topple on him.

This morning the phone rang at 7:25 am. UGH, I was sound asleep. It was Marc calling of all people! {You have to know Marc...he doesnt get up til noon most days! But then again he is still on London time!} He wanted to know if Michael wanted to go play golf in a half hour! I talked him into it as he needs to practice before his big member guest tournament in a couple weeks. So, Michael was up and into the was into his mobile car unit walker thingy...I started Michael's coffee, got his golf bag out and shoes, fixed him a delicious egg sandwich so he would have lots of energy and kissed him off and wished him well. Kissed him off, that sounded funny, but I like it!

In the meantime, baby Jay played and I got caught up on my email. Now that he is napping, I can finally blog!

After his nap, we had breakfast! Prunes and oatmeal!

Jay thinks prunes are THE best and will lick them off his face everytime!!!

Michael and I did yard work today. I trimmed shrubs in my courtyard and my roses.

Baby Jay loves bathtime!

I have to say, it has been a wonderful weekend, save for the airport fiasco... I can not complain, life is good!

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Wow he is growing so fast and I he will be so afraid of us when we get back :(
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