Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cinderello...cute fellow!

All I can say is...TOO CUTE!

You know me!!! Child labor laws mean nothing! {hahahaha}
I was using the broom and he was in his car. He accidentally backed into the broom and it went crashing to the floor. This immediately got his attention. I picked it up and moved it over by the kitchen.
I turned around for a second and looked back moments later and there was Jay, sucking on the broom handle. {I know, I almost had a germ fit too!}
I quick ran and got the camera and he was trying to make the broom work on the floor {seriously!} and then I got his attention and he smiled soooo big at me. Click on the pics to get his expressions full screen!

Uncle Bryan treated Jacob and Jayda to two new video games a piece!!!! They were able to pick out their own. He threw in a surprise they don't know about yet!!!!
He's so generous to us all!

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Anonymous said...

Darling broom picture.

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