Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a normal day!

Michael gives baby his bath everynight. He puts lotion on him and his hair usually ends up spiked...Look how long it is getting. It flattened itself quite quickly but I had to have Jacob take this picture straight away! My sweetie pie!

Library for beading class, post office, Marc's house to take care of cats, and then home again home again jiggity jig!
Speaking of the post office, I mailed out my first card I sold at my Etsy shop earlier this week! My mother bought the card...hahahaha! I love her! You know, it is sort of like that "lemonade stand theory", always buy! Thanks mom!
You have to go and see her new bracelet she is a watch band! You go mom!!!!
Speaking of my mother...I miss her!
I am sick and tired of making dinner every night....hahahaha, just kidding. I actually have enjoyed it.

Something so exciting... I just signed Jayda up for a 6 week volleyball clinic! YAY, I am so excited! She is more excited than I am. I was working with her some, and she is quite a natural talent! I hope she takes to it and loves it as much as I do.

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rairie said...

Yeah it love it. You go Jayda. The watch is yours if I may borrow it. I made it two sizes. LOL. Off to the Fiesta SALE Hope they have at least one Pizza Pan I need it.

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