Monday, June 23, 2008

never dull....

Now, this is complete and utter joy!!!

C is for Cricket! Here's oneof his new outfits!

o you think he is trying to tell me he wants to go some where??? He's pushing his car seat around.

Jayda and Jay were playing for a very long time today. here you will see I snapped a pic and baby Jay was moving so much he's blurry! But then again, that's him...always moving!

Jayda was so excited to get her cake ready and light her candles. It is a day early, but she doesn't like cake and is allergic to icecream so it was more for me to eat! LOL
Anyways, she loved us singing...and it only took three tries until we could get Michael to sing the song right. He is not so into the singing of happy birthday. From what I have gathered, his family does not like their singing voices so they always hide behind the one who doesn't care how bad they sound singing! {Um, that would be me!} Well, I basically stopped singing and looked at him and he sheepishly says, "what?" I said, "We have to start again." And off I go...only to find him singing about every 5th word. "Come on Mike I say, let's all sing!" Third time was a charm! We laughed so hard, and sang so well and Jayda made a wish! Unfortunately, there was more wax on the cake than I have ever seen before. I guess we took too long!

Last but not least...
Welcome to my world! They were unawares at first and then had a ball in the background!

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