Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jayda's Birthday

The morning began yesterday with Jayda awaking to paper balloons all over her bedroom floor. Real balloons kind of freak her out, so I didn't think they would be appropriate. I sang to her and gave her a big hug! She loved that!

Here she is entertaining her baby brother!

Here's my sweet sleepy baby, getting ready to go down for his nap with his frog blankie. He was all cuddled in and when his daddy pulled out the camara he lifted his head and smiled!

I put Jayda up against the wall and measured her. You will see I started this when they were three. Jacob has progressively grown like a weed! He is in marker and she is in pen.

Then it was off to celebrate Jayda's day by having lunch at her favorite place! A japanese restaurant across town. She loved every second of it...and if you go when they first open, everything is so hot and delish! The sushi was to absolutely kill for yesterday! mmmmmm Again, mommom was missed greatly, not only for her great company...but when the bill came! hahahah Just kidding mother! About the paying...but NOT about being there!
Here's baby before we left!

On the way home, we drove through what would have been a police/carjacker shootout. Thank goodness we went to the dollar store and goody's because we missed it!(Goody's is shutting its doors and having huge sales...I got baby jay some jammies...he is outgrowing his others and they are wintery and he sweats so bad!)

Michael came home early to have Jayda's birthday dinner! Spagheti and meat sauce, garlic breadsticks, and cherries for dessert! They are on sale here in FL for 2.99 a pound. That's alot of money...but I so love them, and better than the 5.99 a pound a few weeks ago!
He not only came home early for dinner, but also because I was heading over to the local scrapbook store in Daytona to attend a cardmaking class. Mike hit it on the head when he said that I could have done that as easily and better than the ones i made...but it was the fact of being out and away from baby for some ME time! Thank you honey!
Jayda went with me, when she found out I was going her shoulders slunked over disappointed I would be leaving the house. I asked her if she wanted to come along and she was ecstatic! I have to say, she followed directions perfectly and was a welcome addition to the group. I guess that's what happens when you turn 10!!! Youll see she photographed her cards and asked if I would like to post them. How could I resist???

Baby has been super crabby and off his schedule today and cranky and whiney and crying and needy....I gave him some tylenol today. He didn't have a fever but he was warm and clearly in pain. I am unsure what this is about...I thought it was teething but I am wondering if he has a UTI as he grabs his privates and cries when I take his diaper off. He gets a good shiver when he tinkles lately, and I wonder if this is from some pain. He was dry all night last night. I wonder if that's why he is nursing more lately. It's so hard to tell. Will someone please direct me to the baby handbook they give you when you leave the hospital that tells you everyting about children until their 18!?!? LOL
I am going to keep my eye open about this. I could be going overboard and it could be because his darn #3 size diapers are to snug and cutting into his side a bit this morning! We went out to Wally about 9 am to get him size #4 diapers! They are for babies 22-37 pounds. Last he was weighed I believe Grampy Jay said it was 26 pounds he weighed! In 4 days my baby turns 8 months. UGH!!! Where has time gone. I do hope as time slides more swiftly away from me, I will be able to revisit this wonderful sight and remember what I might have forgotten! I blog so as to never I scrapbook!

After we got home from the store I took his diaper off and let him wallow around naked as he needed some air on his bum cheeks!

I caught some of the cutest pictures of a baby boy finding his jingalingadingding for the very first time! Too cute, made me giggle. For his sake and mental well being as a teenager, I refused to post them no matter how badly I want to...

Jayda just got invited to sleep the night at a friend Alex's house. I thought that would be fine. But, it ends up she lives over near Universal Studios..and Jayda has to be to her beading class by 10:30 am. It's just not going to work tonight. Let's just say she is in her room boo hooing now...and I feel a little bad for her. I am going to go and gather her up because there is a fabulous storyteller at the library this afternoon. Drama...I guess that's what a 10 year old does!

To be continued!
Here's a video of baby Jay this morning playing ball with his daddy!


Anonymous said...

Where is the video of him hitting whiffle balls???

Anonymous said...

Has baby Jay been tested for steroids? He's a bit too muscular at such a young age.

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