Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gamers Unite!

Uncle Bryan came over to our house after dinner and brought another video game!!!
This was mario kart with two extra wheels for wii!
They played for over two hours.
The children had a blast. I even got in and played for one game or two, I can't remember!?
Anyway, baby slept great last night! We were up super early today and in to school to pick up my rocking chair and some other things! Michael is currently at his appointment and Jacob and I are sitting in Michael's office holding down the shop!
YES!!! I said Jacob and I . I allowed him to play hookie today! Aren't I such a terrible mother...LOL. He is definitely a fifth grader with "senior-itis"!
Tomorrow he graduates from fifth grade! WOW!
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

asWhere are the pictures where are the dancing girls where are the wonderful comments about your mother? Oh got a little carried away. See you all tonight for dinner.

Rachel said...

Our 5th grade graduation is tomorrow too!

I love Wii. Jeb has one, and I think I could play for hours. I might have to buy him Mario Kart...for him of course, not me ;)

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