Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Catching up!

As usual, we had a lovely visit in Ocala! I even made it to Griffin's. Of course, as my luck would have it...I received a 20% off total price coupon today....
Here's Jayda with her favorite brother!

Baby was gripeing about being in his high chair while I cooked dinner! So Jayda got his toys for him.

You will see the playpen in the back. jayda refers to it as his crate. That just cracks me up!
When he let go in irritation with his hands, I was laughing hysterically.

You will see my Journal for the Keys I am putting together. It's where I keep notes and track of things I want to see and do there. I have two pages so far...
Page one, scrapbook stores. Page two, Bead stores! Sadly, the bead stores out number the scrapbook stores. Good for mother though! There is so much I want to see and do there. These two things are just a few. Snorkeling, fishing, deep sea fishing, exploring, watching sunsets, finding my perfect hammock, exploring, exploring, and exploring!

Michael is SMOKIN' hot!!!

I spent the better part of the day organizing 500 pictures I had gotten developed over the last couple months. Now I am ready to get them scrapped!

It stormed here this evening, but it was one of those good storms where it brings a good soaking rain, just after sunset. The power flickered 3 times and we sat in peace and quiet until it passed.

Baby Jay is not quite crawling yet, he gets up and wiggles around and then realizes he can roll there much much faster!


rairie said...

Hug all my family for me. And yourself too! I will go to all the scrapbook stores if you will go to all the bead stores. Working on a Red White and Blue to submit on a group site.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive that you have the Garden Rebel himself personally do your landscaping!

Anonymous said...

It's very, very, disturbing to see the Garden Rebel's weed eater contributing to global warming to such a high degree. A truly eco-friendly landscaper would cut weeds with hand clippers or purchase carbon credits to offset that nastiness.

You should take former Vice President, Nobel Peace Prize recepient, and Academy Award winning documentarian Al Gore's advice and only hire green landscapers in the future!

Scrapbooking 500 Pages in 2008