Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Summer day!

The day started off like any other, except it's Saturday and Michael had an early morning appointment. So, it was like any other weekday around here. Although, I couldn't remember what day of the week it was anyway. Michael says it is a sure sign I am not working! Hmmm, what is it then that I do all day with baby and house and children and meals and laundry?
NEVERMIND!!! I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Here is Jacob with Jay first thing this morning. They are great buddies!

Ok, can their chins be shaped any more alike...look at those chins!

Look at how tiny he is on that big floor! He started off over by me and wriggled and jiggled over to where he was when I took the picture!

Here's a part of my extensive flower frog collection! I love them all! My mother found most of them for me online or at sales. I love how the one that cost her the least, is worth the most! She paid a dime for it at a garage sale and I believe it would sell for $60.00. But, who's selling them??? Not I! Then, why the picture? Well, it is time to put them away for now. In an effort to baby proof and organize, they are going to have to go into safety storage! I love them and wanted a picture so I could always "see" them when I wanted to see them!

I fixed my layout from yesterday, the way I had it written was plural daddies...he has but one...and so I have fixed it. I wrote it the other way because I didn't have any more Y's and had to marker this one brown. You see, that's a scrapping problem. You always run out of the letters you need!

My father has a very strong need to know if and when it rains. I am to call and give him a report on whether or not the grass is getting enough water at their Florida home.
I assure you this week, we have had enough...every afternoon. Gotta love Florida!

Here's today's naptime creation!

This afternoon, you were chilled so I put some warmer clothes on you. You were playing on the floor and wiggling and jiggling all over, as usual.

It wasn't long before you had thrown up your green beans and rice!

That did'nt stop were on your way the opposite direction!

Daddy gathered you up and you walked walked walked to me!

Of course, then you prompty vomitted the rest of your green beans and rice all over me!
I had to strip your clothes as you were covered in it, as was I! Yet, it still did not stop you and you were on your way to your books. You love books!!!

Last, but not least, I believe I have created a monster! He loves sugar free pineapple popsicles!
So cute!

He was suckling on it and was even biting some off with his two teeth! He kept coming back for more! I had to put my foot down though because I love them more than he!

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