Thursday, June 19, 2008

Think Think Think

Inspiration...lacking. It seems I am "out" of things to write about.
Let's think here for a minute.

I suppose I could tell you about how baby Jay gets in his walker car and buzzes around the house. When he wants out, he lunges full speed for you. If you happen to be sitting in a chair, he rams it. He will back up and ram it again! And again...and again! If you happen to be an unlucky passerby, he will ram into your leg only hitting your feet before he manages your leg. IT HURTS! But makes me laugh!

Jacob and Jayda both attended a beading class at the library today. Go to Jake's blog to learn about that!

Baby Jay and I sat in the back of the room and helped a little with Jacob, it was tricky! He got antsy and I put him on the floor. He started giggling at nothing and giggling and giggling and giggling...finally a girl at the table busted out laughing and said, he is the cutest baby(she was at the other end of the room!) That same girl later, came back and sat by her mother . The baby picked her out of the crowd and started doing his grunting at her. She giggled and waved and talked to him!

Then it was off to the bank to deposit a check. Hmm, no lollipop for the children. Do they even do that anymore???

Finished up about 100 more pictures organized. I also completed a page. It was dec 29...2 months old!!!! I actually have to start a new album...the first is two months old...ugh. Oh well, it is turning out beautiful!

Anytime Jacob or Jayda come into the room, Jay squeals or screams as loud as he can with delight! He loves to watch them do silly things and they dance, sing, play music, or just talk to him. They get in the play yard and play with him for a long time. The baby loves it in there and plays and plays.
He loves to hang out with them!

He is still not crawling, but is definitely getting up on his all fours and thinking about it...pushes off to go forward, but always just rolls over and gets irritated.

After he had his dinner, he was given his favorite-Cheerios! Plus, he also had his sippy cup. He knows how to turn it upside down and shake it in order to flood his high chair, then he plays in it and mushes his cheerios around. It's so funny to watch him as it is easy to see his mind working!

Everyone be watching your mailboxes...


Rachel said...

No lollipop at the bank? What a bummer! Last week when Layla and I were there she got 3 dog biscuits!

rairie said...

Great Pictures...not eating at your Mother's house has cute back on reportable highlights of your days. The pics were neat. Beading here and cleaning attic!

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