Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quiet, peaceful...dull

Ah, nice peace and quiet!
This morning Mike went for a bike ride and I stayed with baby.
Then he came home, and I left to go and see if there were any baby boy things at some neighborhood sales. No luck. I found a few chapter books for jacob and jayda.
Michael did yard work, I picked up some groceries, and Michael prepared to go fishing tonight in his kayak just after dinner. He is on the hunt for more snook.
Baby and I had a nice day together and he was cute as ever!
Well, you may wonder why I now have him caged...he loves to move around the room and find things he shouldn't play with. Then again, I want to have a safe place for him should I need to run and do something or use the bathroom.
Safety first is my motto! yes, he is wearing a diaper!

Worked on a scrapbok page...check it out on my other blog!
Talked to Kelly tonight in NC. She is doing well! It was so nice to talk to her!

Hi Brooke in Georgia! Hope you and your family are doing well! (I taught Brooke in Kindergarten 2006-2007!) Brooke comes to read my blog often!

As well, I received an e-mail from the family whom we were voting on to get a new roof. They won! Thanks for all your help!!!

I think that is it for is crying and needs me!

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rairie said...

He needs me and I miss him. Love his play yard. I am back working on the bracelet. Still cannot believe how I messed the toggle.

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