Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smoothing out...

The days are getting easier now that we have a routine. Boy, I tell's difficult managing three children of such vast age differences and ideas of fun. Jay loves rolling around on the floor squealing, Jacob loves playing video games, and Jayda is obsessed with making chocolate chip cookies!!! {I can't say as I blame her though!!!}
This morning we were up and relaxed a little...waking up. Jay went down for a nap around 8 am and got up about 915 am.

We got ready and headed to the library for the beading class the children were enrolled in...only to realize it doesn't start until next week. WHAT??? But my schedule.... hahahahahahahaha.
We took back a couple of books Jacob had checked out but did not like. He found a new one he liked and I was able to check one out for myself, Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich! She's such a fun read!
Then we headed out to Big Lots nearby, just to check their scrappy isle. They had some cute cute cute mini books I can make. Now, I have to keep my mother in pictures as she will be out of town for three months, back home in PA.

Speaking of, my mother and father touched base today. They were in the mountains of North Carolina visiting friends of theirs on their way up north. My mother says there is no chance in this lifetime of her EVER living in the mountains...away from civilization...needing alpacas to carry your belongings and self up through the treacherous roads to get there!!!
Last I spoke to them, they were about 4 hours south of home around noon today. She is not so happy about having to return there...but she has plans already to post a FOR SALE sign in the yard...REAL BIG! She'd love to be a FL resident for good! My dad is not so thrilled about getting rid of the house there yet. But the winterizing and prep is very consuming for him and I am sure he is growing weary of it too! Tonight they are planning on having mancuso's pizza...LUCKY them! It is delicious pizza! I am sure they will have the house there unwinterized and cozy in no time!

Once we arrived home from our outing, Jayda and I straight away began house cleaning. Thursdays are house cleaning days. We dusted, swept, vacuumed, swiffered, scrubbed, organized, spring cleaned fireplace, filed away all paperwork, and worked on laundry. Jacob mowed our lawn and I had him also mow our neighbors lawn...
WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD WE MOW OUR NEIGHBORS YARD??? Well, let me explain. You see our neighbors lived the high life...or so they loved for us to think so. They were constantly relandscaping their lawn, resurfaced their pool, had a 5000.00 shed placed on their lot, had a see through screen put on garage, resurfaced garage flooring, totally reshelved garage with top of the line shelving, baby grand piano, new furniture, 52 inch flat screen HDTV, belonged to expensive wine clubs, rented limos for bdays and went to most expensive restaurant in winter park, bought expensive diamond pendants for her, and gold bracelet for him,bought two new cars, redid master bathroom and guest bathroom to the tune of 15,000.00 oh yeah...and they refinanced their home 3 times! Their home is identical to ours...built in the seventies. The last time they had their home appraised, it was 300,000.00!!! YEAH, RIGHT!!!!! They maxed out at 284,000 dollars. Uh, yeah, they then walked away from it three months ago. They now rent across town for 1000.00 a month. Oh, and they also stripped the house of everything before they left. They were moving in the dark of night for the first three days cause they were so embarrassed. How did I know this about all their spending??? They were braggadocious.
Their story is like the house catty corner from me...and let's not forget others we know who did the same.
It baffles me how people can be so irresponsible and actually look themselves in the mirror everyday, knowing they refinanced and stole $$$$ from banks!!!
No wonder the economy has taken a turn. The mortgage companies are not to blame...everyone is responsible for reading the paperwork and understanding it. Then the government wants to use our money to bail them out??????? Sorry I can't see that being a viable consequence for the irresponsible parties.

HOLY SMOKES...I digress. Soapbox dismounted.

Where in the world was I???
Oh yes, Jacob was mowing the lawn at the neighbors. It was nearing mid shin when I told him he had to do it or snakes would begin living in their yard. He doesn't like snakes so this was good motivation. Plus, I can't stand to watch our neighborhood go to pot!

So just as he finished the lawn and showered, Marc stopped by the house.
He wanted to know if Jacob would want to go play a round of golf with him. Jacob almost peed his pants. Well, not literally, but he did do a happy dance!
Here he was just before he left!

Jayda is now watching High School Musical and entertaining baby Jay. Jay is dancing to the music. I'll try and get a video of it in a minute.

PS Can you believe I got so much house cleaning done???
YAY! Thanks to Jayda, too!
To be continued!!!

Here was baby Jay last night. He communicates back and forth. You will here a large growl...his dad did that a few minutes earlier...and about scared the daylights out of him! The large gasy burp...that's Michael. Nice manners.....{hahaha}

Marc just brought Jacob home, it had started to thunder. The afternoon showers are kicking up. Here he was with baby Jay. I was shocked he didn't cry...

Click on jakes link to his blog...he updated!

to be continued....

Oh you have to check this out!!! Click on this link to find out your royal name! I cracked up over this!
Mine is:
Her Royal Highness Jessica Mae the Clement of Piddletrenthide on the Carpet
Bishop Lord Michael the Sardonic of Frome Valley
His Highness Jacob Clay the Infinite of Heffton St Mallet
Empress Jayda Mae the Convincing of Midhoop St Giggleswich
The Right Reverend Jay Harvey the Undamaged of Witchampton Under Buzzard
Have fun!

I got the baby a toothbrush and baby paste yesterday and he brushed his teeth this evening.

Then he decided he'd rather chew on the back end...

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