Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer schedule!

Monday was the first official day of summer...I was at my wits end by the end of the day. The children had no direction...were argumentative...wanting to play video games all day....were lazy and so on.
So, after dinner I put the kabosh on all that!
We sat down together and made out a schedule, a chore chart, a reading program incentive, and planned out fun excursions. They both finished the school with A's save for a B on Jayda's part...in math.

Here's a copy of the reading incentive.

1 book = 50 pages(we are talking trying to motivate some not real into it readers)

1 book Sticker
5 books Pick your prize(1)
10 books You pick snack at store
15 books Everyone gets 5 dollars to spend at grocery store to put together for dinner
20 books Camp out in living room
25 books Pick whole dinner, appetizer, main course, drink, dessert
30 books Go out to get dessert
35 books Go out to dinner
40 books Give a picked chore away for good.

Whoever reads the most by end of summer earns-***
Jacob Video Game
Jayda Webkinz

*** Must be at least 1,000 pages!

Here is a sight where I went and created my own chore charts online. Click on the words...chore chart!

I also created a schedule for the day that the children helped me create. I will post that after bit.

We are utilizing the great programs at the public library ALOT this summer! They have some awesome things going on over there. They are involved in a jewlery making class for 6 Thursdays and fantastic storytellers on Fridays. I think I love the library more than my children like it!

It's Wednesday, yesterday, the chore charts were complete and the "excitement" the children had at creating them QUICKLY slipped away when it was time to ACTUALLY do the chores. {Too funny!!!!!}

My mother and father left for PA on Tuesday morning. sad sad sad sad sad sad sad...

We had dinner together at Stavro's Monday night.
here are some pics of paintings the kids had done while waiting for dinner, it was kids night.

The following are some random tidbits from the last few days...
Look how baby Jay's hair is growing!

It's official...EVERYONE in our family eats Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast!

Here's a card I completed.

Jacob and Michael out Kayak fishing at night over the weekend.


Ali Murray said...

Brooke is enjoying reading your blog every day along with looking at pictures of the kids. Nicky was very impressed with the jellyfish pictures. Thank you for the chore list site! We're on week 3 of summer vacation and we need some organization in our house. Brooke said to tell you "HI!"
Ali :)

Chrispea said...

Very good idea... I pay a penny a page. ;)

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