Friday, June 20, 2008

A day of adventure...

Take a lookie here! How I captured this...blind luck! He pulled himself up for the very first time! The picture is blurry, sorry, but only one!

I am such an amazing mother I flipped the camera over to video and you can see it first hand!

My little cheerio chaser!!!

Except he doesnt just chase anymore, he stuffs them in his mouth hand over hand and fist over fist! He's ambidextrious when it comes to stuffin' cheerios!

This picture captures a cheerio in his is in the shape of a heart!

Jayda had us off to the library for Talent show practice at 10 am. Only problem, it is not until July...hmmm, another calendar mixup by Jayda. She loves anything to do with the library lately! You'll see her below practicing her talent!!!

After that, we headed to Daytona for some scrappy sights, a goodbye to AC Moore as it is closing, a quick shopping trip to rack up on Carter's clothing for baby cute. 7 1/2 months and in 24 month clothes! Be watching for photos of him in some of his new clothes very soon! Lunch on Uncle Bryan at Olive garden...delish!
Then home again home again, jiggity jig!
Jacob caught some photos of baby Jay in my arms just before his afternoon nap. I kept trying to put him down, but today he only wanted to be held and walked t
o sleep. He stared up into my eyes, cooed, whined, and smiled before slipping off to sleep! It was so super sweet! I love being a mom!

Here, you will see what I did while he was napping!

It poured down rain this evening. It has rained every single evening this week! Such a lovely sight, all that rain here in hot beautiful paradise! Two nights ago the storms were pretty treacherous! Everything was fine! Maybe tomorrow night I will video the rain for you all!

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rairie said...

The stand up video made me cry. It is not fair to be here. The talent show practice was special too. Hugs to all

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