Sunday, June 22, 2008

The doors are open...

...on my new shop! I am selling cards! It is a fun endeavor. If no one buys, oh well, that's ok! It was fun doing! Pass it along to anyone who may like hand crafted cards! I will be adding more soon!

What a neat day we have had, albeit, slow and quiet!
Michael was up at the crack of dawn as was Jacob(as usual). Michael pulled out and headed for the open waters to catch some fish. Nothing was quite biting, but a good day out on the water nonethe less!!!
The children were out the door at 9:15 am as they were going to the Astros vs Rays game today! Fun for them, I watched a little bit, it was pretty empty in the stadium but I still didn't see them!
I just now got a phone call from them, and they were sitting in the right field seats.

Baby Jay was having so much fun playing on the floor today! He is all over! Of all the toys he has, he chooses the clicker...his clicker!

Hey, what's under here?

Jay is fascinated by his daddy's hats! He likes to take them off, and of course, eat them!

The world looks bright from up there! Daddy loves to put Jay up on his shoulders...but Jay loves it more!

You'll see here, he doesn't like to come down! He's holding on for dear life!

Like I said yesterday, baby Jay loves popsicles! Today he has a sugar free tangerine popsicle! Perfect for a hot hot hot Florida day!
Gotta love the ending of this! haha

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rairie said...

Just realized how much I really miss you and Mike! Laughed out Loud! How do you stop it then! The pictures of Jay on Mikes back were great. Hugs

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