Sunday, June 8, 2008

Peanut butter and JELLYFISH...

We were up at sunrise this morning to get out on the water before it got too hot.

Here you will see a barge ship that is dredging the intercoastal to replace sand on the beaches damaged by hurricanes.

The weather was gorgeous today, another morning without a cloud in the sky. We arrived at Disappearing Island at about 8:45 am without much ado. It was nearly empty at the island when we arrived. Picked out a prime spot and anchored down. It was super low tide this morning. I have never seen it that low.
The baby was perfect today.

It was breezy and not stiffling hot. This made for a very pleasant outing! As the tide headed in, the huge jellyfish joined the party!!! They were spread out about every ten feet alllll around! Yuck! This first one was beached from high tide during the night.

One of the guys in our group scooped it up by it's head.

We packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, chex mix, cookies, water and gatorade. Just some sweet snacks to have out on the water. For some reason, we are always so hungry out on the water.
Here's Jayda, before I pushed her off the boat and into the water. I thought she might cry or be mad but she laughed and laughed and then came back a smidge later and says, "now don't push me in again mom." She really did want me to...just showed a glimpse of her, still, little girl inside! She was being shy as there were all boys on the island playing today. Jacob had about 6 boys to pal around with and play. She was just not into hanging with boys.

Baby ate some Sweet potatoes and Corn, followed by Bananas and Mixed Berries. Here you will see him hanging with his daddy and driving the boat!?!?!?!?

I never get tired of seeing this picture.

As the day wore on, scads of boats moved in to finally squeezing together.
This one boat came blasting in beside us blarring RAP music and the people were trashed. That's when we knew it was time for us to go!
As we drove back, baby Jay was tired, hungry and started screaming. By the time we got to the dock, he was completely flushed red and overheating himself. I quick pulled the boat on the trailer, passed off the baby to Michael, who drove us off to park and I stripped and soaked him down with cold water. He cooled right down, drank some water and nursed a smidge. He was happy as could be and when I changed his diaper he peeed all over his naked little self. Guess what he did, he started giggling about it!
Once we arrived home, the baby and I played a while. Here he is...
who knew a dollar toy could be such fun from a garage sale. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised...his favorite toy is a water bottle! hahaha

Let's not forget about the fun had wallowing in the Sunday paper as I read it! He was waving it around so fast...this is what I caught!

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rairie said...

How bad did the Jellyfish gross you all out? The pictures and the video were fun. Missed you today. We were very busy getting organized. Boy am I going to be waiting for these for the next 3 months. Leave out NOTHING.
Love Mom

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