Friday, June 6, 2008

Jayda's Party

We celebrated Jayda's birthday last evening at my mother's house. She has the perfect house for a party!

Here is Jayda posing with her cake. It's real small because she doesn't like cake...but needed something to wish on! The masses had cheesecake and we had soy ice cream.

Here's baby Jay waiting for all the guests to arrive.

Unfortunately, but as usual, it takes baby a bit to warm up to grammy and grampy.

Then it was time to eat! We had hot dogs and hamburgers along with these salads.
It was super delicious food and conversation was just as great!

Uncle Gordy, Aunt Candy, Kelly, Bryan, Jay, Peggy, Mom, Dad, Michael, Jacob, Jayda, Baby Jay, and I were all there to celebrate her birthday, albeit, a little early.
She got a bulldog webkinz, she has called Buster and a Schnauzer she has called London. She also got a pair of cute, cute sneakers from mommom...but they were too small...they were a 7! Long skinny feet! Then she got a lot of money.

Uncle Bryan met baby Jay this week for the very first time! He took to him pretty quickly and they spent some time together while we shopped this week. He pushed him around in the cart, whilst little old ladies came up to him and told him how cute his baby was. I always walked away from him to se how he would react! hahahaha He handled it like a trooper!

Here jayda is getting ready to blow out her candles. I do hope you will look back over her shoulder at the cute pics of daddy and Jay and Jay.
You'll see her waiting as papa couldn't get the candles lit...and then you will see the mini fire or so it would seem!

The guys caught up and chit chatted business, baby Jay warmed up to his Grampy!

Our get together's are never complete without conversing about fishing. Tonight's conversation took us to talking about the carp in Pymatuming.

Here's a video so you can see what we were talking about....

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Anonymous said...

Wow what a great family we have. So many fun times together. A great legacy for the children. I love you all.

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