Friday, June 13, 2008

Just another day...

This is my cousin Heather, the youngest of aunt candy and uncle gordy's girls. She is due in July...
They thought for months she was having a girl...just found out it's a boy...It looks more like twins!!!

This morning, we had tossed around the idea of heading to Ocala today. Some business related travel mixed with a trip to Griffin's, was what had the idea swirling. Michael did not finish til almost noon and this pushed us too late getting home for the children going with their dad for the weekend.
This afternoon, the children and I headed over to the library for a magic show and reading kickoff. the children loved it. Baby Jay, not so much! He did not like the squealing and hollering the magician was doing, so he did some hollering of his own and I had to remove him from the room. He loved watching the magician through the glass window. Could still see him, but not hear him as loudly. He did get very excited watching the puppet he pulled out and used! He loves stuffed animals.
This morning we had made chocolate chip cookies together, and they were delish! What a great afternoon snack.

Jayda finished her thank you cards and Jacob as well. They also made their father's day cards for Michael. They were a stitch! I will post tomorrow when th lighting is good and I an photograph them!
I have set to begin catching up scrapbook pages!!! I finished one today...check out my other blog.
Michael and I headed out to dinner to a restaurant suggested by a client of Michaels. However, it was not so great. But, it was on the river where we saw fish, turtles, and even manatees lumbered by as we ate. Baby Jay slept. It was called the Muddy Rudder.
...Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

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rairie said...

I want a cookie right now...went to DuBois Days and saw lots of people. Ate junk food. Missed you.

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