Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adding details...

Well, after taking much flack about my blog being "bubble-gummy" today I decided to give it a little punch this evening!
We had a special treat tonight. We actually got some fast food. It has been a long time since we have done that! I am so into root beer. I can't help myself. Not a big fan of Barq's but I am also not too picky! Wendy's chicken sandwich and was it good! Albeit, not so healthy!
Unfortunately, I misunderstood tonights soccer schedule. I was under the impression Jayda was getting pictures taken this evening. But it seems they had a game! We were 5 minutes late! Probably would have been nice if someone called to tell me that we were having a game tonight as it wasn't on the schedule. I imagine it was the team that was a no show Tuesday. She got in the game within minutes of arriving and went on to score three goals! GO JAYDA!!!!
Jacob took some pictures of us at the game tonight! So cute!

Check out the little boy getting a little stronger! Oh my, it won't be long. Moments after this photo, he mushed down flat and chewed on his toe.

My picture of the day:
Jacob growing, both physically and mentally.

Michael's Picture of the day:
It is a shame it is a little blurry, such a beautiful evening!

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