Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life is Good!

This morning we were up bright and early and off to Jacob's baseball game at 930 am. He won his game. He played third base and first base. It was a gorgeous morning. Warm, but not to hot. Mommom and Papa met us at the field. Jay was his cute self and mommom actually was able to get him to sleep at nap time, when he just fussed with me.
I wish they could have gone to Ocala with us, but they wouldn't fit in the saturn and gas being like it is we just couldn't justify taking the Tahoe!
As soon as Jacob finished, we headed home and he got a shower. We packed up and headed out to Ocala for the day!
The trip went smoothly and easily...then again I wasn't driving! The baby slept the whole way and the children listened to music. Michael listened to the NFL draft on satelite radio. I read a magazine.
Once we arrived, Jay and Peggy's landscaping was breathtaking. It always looks great but today it looked phenomenal! The bushes had all been nicely groomed, the flower beds were planted with fresh flowers and new mulch, the yard was immaculate and cut to perfection, the house bright and cheery! The fact that it is spring, everything was growing and in bloom!
Jay had been working on building a fence around the pool to protected the baby from accidentally getting to the water. He has done a superb job of creating his own type of fence. I could tell he had spent hours working on it, and I appreciate it more than they will ever truly know! The best part is, he happily did it for us!

Baby Jay woke up and was cranky and hungry! So I fed him...he immediately turned on the charm and had everyone melting!
After he ate, we headed out to the local go kart/fun place for the children to enjoy the go karts. Jayne went on them to as she has never done it! They have been waiting to do this since Jay and Peggy suggested it!
They were both a little hesitant about the carts as they had never driven on their own before! Rightfully so, the group ahead of theirs were mad drivers! Wrecking, driving too fast, bumping people, slamming into was a fiasco and I was having my doubts about its safety! However, their group of riders were much more subdued and polite! Jayda turned up the heat after the second lap and well....Jacob never managed to go very fast. He got a dud of a car and poked along. He said he was flooring it and it wouldn't go. There are only a few that didn't go fast and he found one of them! Right after they went on, I told them before they got back to the group to thank peggy and Jay. Jacob immediately did so...Jayda ran over and said, can we do it again??? LOL She did thank them a few minutes later. But, oh her manners sometimes...

From there, we went to Hobby Lobby! I had heard so much about this craft store. Peggy and Jayne went along and were so patient while I shopped!
The best part of the whole day was Peggy having the chance to push Jay around in the stroller at the store. Everyone was stopping to talk to her. Like I am ignored compared to the attention she got with the baby. Then again, who can resist stopping to talk to a sweet grandma with her grandson whom happens to be toting along his "real" remote control? It was a sure conversation starter today! I think that water bottles have just taken a clear back seat to this new toy! I loved that Peggy had a chance to do the "grandma" thing! She is a wonderful Grammy!

Not only does she spoil him, she spoiled me today!!! She bought me Sakura Glaze Pens. They are absolutely delish and make for beautiful additions to cards and scrapbook pages!

From Hobby Lobby we headed over to Griffins down the road a few blocks. OH MY GOSH!!!! I am so in love with that store. I only had a little bit of time in that store, but it is totally Scrapbooking i didn't know it could ever be this great! WOW! All the new things out on the market and I sooo loved it!
I am already plotting my next trip to Ocala! My mother will be accompanying me on the next trip as their beading section looked AMAZING!
Some of the things I saw there on my wish list:
1. Thickers-they are stickers that are letters but made with different materials! I loved the ones that were made with a fuzzy fabric as well as any of the others. The white ones were really neat!
2. Stickles: Yummy glitter glue. gold, any of the white looking ones, blues, greens, .... one of each??? hahaha
3. Rusty favorite line!! Papers and embellishments...which I didnt see but I know I want! Cap N' Jack. I missed did that happen. Definitely on my list of first to get when I go back!
4. Bohemian line. They were out on the aisle on turning carts...they had matching embellishments etc with each patterned paper.
5. Flowers, paper or fabric. Yum...blues, yellows, of each? hahaha
6. Autumn Leaves stamps...owls and lines were on the one I want..I will have to find the picture of it.

Oh goodness...I digress...why am I telling you all this, I am sure I am speaking in another language!
Anyways, it was loads of fun for me!

Michael says to me, "What in the world do you like about that store anyway?" I said, "What do you like about Bass Pro Shop?"

Once we got back to the house, they had had dinner already! Opps...hehehe.
We grilled out and ate delicious food!
Baby Jay rolled across the floor, he dipped his feet in the pool...he's gonna like the pool!, went to the bathroom, sat up in his high chair and ate, blew his butternut squash out in raspberries, spit up butternut squash on me, and chewed on his spoon.
Grampy got a hold of baby Jay a couple times but it always ended with Jay crying and wanting me! Ugh, we all know it is a normal baby thing to do, but I wish he wouldn't be so finicky!
Michael and his dad were out with the boat in the garage and are going to put a bimini on it. Jacob and Jayda swam.

Peggy liked her Mason Jar mini album. Although she saw it on the blog already. I guess that means I also need to make new mother's day cards for my mothers. DUH, what was I thinking revealing them?

Jayda wanted to spend the night at Peggy and Jay's house as did Jacob! We are invited on an open invitation when it works out with our schedules. The first weekend we have them all weekend is Mother's Day. Hmm, that might or might not work. Jacob has a baseball game from 1230-230 pm. So who knows. I do know Jayda is extremely excited about it though! When she got home, she was still talking about her day in Ocala. She went to her room and immediately wrote a thank you letter to Jay and Peggy. She didn't want to read it to me, but put it on my desk. Let's just say, I got choked up with tears it was so sweet and heart felt!

A great day was had by all!!! It is days like this that make my life such a full and happy one!

Picture of the Day!
A card I finished today.

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