Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello Allergies....

Poor baby Jay he fights every day with eczema and most days it wins! This evening though he is awful hivey and I don't know whivey!
Poor guy!
We have had a busy day as I was up early and took the children to school. Michael had an appointment this morning in the opposite direction.
YIKES was it tough geting out of bed this morning! I walked out in the kitchen and I told Michael...thank you for taking the children to school everyday!!!!
I headed over to Mike's office and opened things up. I had one guy stop by and I think I sold him a 24x30 gambrel. haha I wish, he seemed as though he was just shopping for prices. Once he looks around, he will see that he can't beat Michael's price or quality anywhere else. "Master Garage Builders, Jessica speaking, how may I help you???" I would make a great secretary/sales person!
After school, worked on an album for Peggy and Jay(grammy and grampy) and then it was time for dinner, jacob's Baseball practice, and home again with Baby Jay and Jayda.
Marc came over because he wanted me to take his picture for, although Mike and I suggested and he laughs at us. One day he will listen and find the woman of his dreams!
Then again when I take pictures like will never happen for him!

Here's Marc

He is single, 45, 6'3", Self Employed Computer Contractor, Fiscally responsible, a bit quirky, but kind and thoughtful above all else.
Loves animals, and has two cats.
He enjoys golfing, and is very good at golf. He eats every meal out and usually only has soda, gatorade and water in his refridgerator. If you are single...he's the guy for you!
That's my attempt to help him on his quest for love!
Picture of the Day:
Jayda and baby Jay. Jayda was so sweet with him while they were being photographed!

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cute baby ^^

love your pictures

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