Friday, April 18, 2008

Life's Little Treasures

I spent the day with my mom! It has been a while since we planned an outing with just us! Although baby Jay was along for the ride too! He was such a good usual. He loves to be on the go!
We headed to Daytona Beach to go to a bead store for my mother. It didn't open for quite sometime so we went to a nearby big lots and browsed. No scrapping stuff, but I found some of the cutest books for baby Jay! They are "educationally" sound in my book and definitely developmentally appropriate!
We stopped and had chinese for lunch in Port Orange. After lunch and during the ride to pick up the children from school, I realized I lost the bracelet my mother made for me. I nearly started to cry! I felt horrible and couldn't wait to look in the car somewhere. Surely, it had to have fallen off there. Well, no such luck. So sad!
I arrived home and got the mail from the mailbox. I had a fabulous mail day! I received a prize for winning a crop challenge recently. Also, received a prize for a game played on the Message Boards at All Moments remembered! I love this mouse pad!

I also received an order of pictures from this past week while we were out on the boat at disappearing island. They turned out fabulous.
At the door, was my ATG gun. WHAT!?! Jessica has a gun? Michael ordered this for me.

It is 36 yards of adhesive tape for scrapbooking, card making and album making. Acid free and photo safe! I can not wait to use it...or figure out how to use it. haha
Then it was a quick dinner, feed the baby, and get them out the door for the game at 4:50pm. As I am putting Baby Jay in his car seat....Lo and behold....THERE IS MY BRACELET!!!!!!!! NOT BROKEN AND JUST SITTING THERE!! YAY!!!!
What a treasure!
Mom also made a bracelet for Jacob. Before you say, FOR A BOY?!? She made him a bracelet that is morse code. Long skinny beads for dashes and short round beads for dots. The morse code spells his name! He has to figure it out though because Mommom didn't tell him what it said. He hasn't had time yet to do so!
About the baseball game... They didn't do so well. They ended up losing. He took a foul tip to the unprotected shoulder as catcher. He said it really hurt. He is such a trooper, he never played like it hurt!

Baby Jay played in mommom's lap while the game went on! He was after tags on the stroller and tried so hard to throw his elephant toy on the ground but mommom held on tight! She bounced him on her lap for sometime...well, until he spit up all over himself and then caught a case of the hick ups! He had his fingers in his mouth for about a half hour straight...then he took them out of his mouth and in one fell swoop slathered his hands all over her face! NICE!!! hahahaha
The children are with their dad this weekend. I will see them at Jacob's ball game tomorrow though.
I look forward to a relaxing weekend.
Picture of the Day:
To know what goes through this little boy's mind...I guess it would be, "I hate to lose!"


Anonymous said...

So glad you found the bracelet...I would have made you another tho. The pic of Jacob is priceless!

Rachel said...

Love the mouse pad!! Stacey really hooked you up :)

And you got an ATG? I am afraid to try it...let me know how ya like it!

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