Monday, April 14, 2008

Up and at em'

Well first thing in the morning, I was out in my courtyard to see what signs of spring I could recognize. Here is what I saw!

I also completed two pages for the books. I totally enjoy the paper/scissors/glue aspect of working with the photos.

Then it was time to go pick up the children from school, hit the grocery store, cart them off to Jayda's soccer practice, read a magazine while I was there, come home, give baby bath, Jayda put baby to sleep(????!!! Go Jayda!!!), order pictures online, start my blog..., baby wakes up, computer goes off, I go to never completed last night!

Oh, well here I am the next day!

Picture of the Day:
I have a secret pal, and this is what she sent today!
It was some chocolate, a lovely homemade butterfly card, and some flowers to use on my scrapbook pages!

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Drea said...

OOO! I love your layouts and how you made that ribbon flower!

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