Monday, April 28, 2008


Missed my Sunday night midnight cut off! I was busy this evening! I was scrapping away! Lost track of time! I suppose there will be two Monday posts!

I had a lovely day! It started out with Jayda and I going to visit Mom bright and early! The boys had left before sun up to go fishing! Baby Jay was happy to see Mommom and Papa. His hands are getting soooo busy. His new game is to pull off the placemats and drop them on the floor...pick it up...drop it off...pick it get the idea!
Then it was time to nurse him. Mom thinks I am over feeding him. Hmmm, I disagree but that's what daughters do!!! He nurses at 930, 100 or 130, 430 or 500, 830 or 930 and then periodically through the night...too tired to look at clock. Besides, I am blind when I don't have my contacts in or my glasses on! Sometimes, he will eat a smidge more during the day others not so much. He is eating veggies and rice cereal 2-3 times a day. Sometimes he gets bananas mixed with his cereal before bed!
I took mom over to Michael's to look for crafts and I got a few things in the dollar bin and some magnetic tape for a project. We then went to PJ's Diner for breakfast. We decided it was pretty much the best breakfast food around here! Inexpensive too!
The waitresses all but fell over themselves oogling the baby! Their first reactions were that he looked just like the Gerber baby. Then they decided they wanted to take him home. {Sorry he is not for sale!} Sometimes when we are out to eat, it is nearly overbearing how the waitresses/waiters fuss over the baby. You are trying to eat and they are literally hanging over your table oogling, babbling, goo goo gaaing, and groping the child. The chinese waitresses and waiters are the worst{best} at playing with Jay. He loves the attention and is beginning to seek them out and make eye contact for attention with them.

Today was the very first day I have seen him respond to his name. Now you probably think this was such a special moment for me when I spoke to my son and he responded. NOT. Hmm, it probably made Mike feel amazing his son heard his name from his father's mouth and looked his way. GUESS AGAIN! A waitress said his name and he wheeled his head around to look her in the eye and smile. Hmmmm, go figure!
Oh well, it was adorable nonetheless!
As we were walking out, the waitresses told my mother, "Don't even think about not bringing him back here again to see us!"(Mom, help me out here, it's late, I can't remember word for word!}
Then it was "home again home again jiggity jig."

I finished up putting all the blog excerpts in a binder to ship up to Great Grandpa Red in Illinois. Capital of Illinois is Springfield. Sorry, I digress...Jacob is learning the states and capitals and I think I may know them better than he! Thank goodness I get to relearn them because I can't for the life of me ever remember how I memorized them as a child! I guess that means I didn't! hahaha Oops.

I had to take Marc to the airport again today. He left on British Airways and will be returning May 10. He took his camera and I hope to have pictures by the end of the week to share with you all from London!

Michael stayed with the baby and he napped from 130-330pm. I arrived home about a half hour or so after he woke up. Mike was feeding him when I got home. He just started raspberrying his food when mike was feeding him and whining "momma momma momma".

It was time to nurse him again...and he ate right up! Shortly after we were playing on the floor and he threw up on me! Guess what I got!? A sweet potato milkshake! YUM!

The baby played a lot on the floor today which was fun! He is getting so much stronger! He scooches forward a bit when he is on his belly!

Well, a picture of the day....sorry...all you get are the two above!

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