Monday, April 21, 2008

It's what moms do!

I didn't get much sleep last night. Baby Jay is morphing into a jolly giant and wants to eat all the time...or so it would seem! He starts as a grunt grunt in the middle of the night and then makes his way to an all out hysterical wail within 72 seconds of not receiving exactly what he wants and that is FOOD!
So, it was difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning. Once out, I played with baby Jay and then he went down for his morning nap and I made cards. Mother's Day, Mom's Birthday, Graduation, Engagement, Uncle's Birthday...I was busy!
I love making them!
This evening Jayda had soccer practice and Jacob had baseball practice, at the exact same time and at the exact opposite side of town.
Here's how the conversation between Jayda and I went:
Me: Gee, all I do is drive you two around town.
Jayda: You're supposed to.
Me: Why?
Jayda: Cause you're the mom.
Me: Really?
Jayda: Yes, that's what moms do.
Me: What do dad's do?
Jayda: Is this a trick question?
I just laughed and she changed the subject!
Thank goodness for Michael...he called before I left the house and asked what I wanted him to do...pick up Jacob or both?
I said, You get Jacob and I will bring Jayda home.
Speaking of...Jayda has lost her glasses.
She took them off and put them in her case and put on her rec specs.
The case was mysteriously missing half way home from the field...
well after me losing my religion and her taking the wrath of an angry mom, we figured out together that she probably took them to the field with her and tossed them down with her water bottle. Problem is she realized this AFTER the park was closed.... In the meantime, I am hoping I did not scar her for life.
So first thing in the morning, either Michael or I will go with her to the field to look for them.
Here's how part of this conversation went:
Me: You think I am upset, wait til Michael gets home and gets word of this.
Her: {As she storms into the house in between sobs} I know I am going to be sooo grounded!
Now honestly, as upset as I was, I was heading in the house behind her and could not help giggling. She didn't hear me. First of all, I don't think Michael has ever said a cross word to her. She has never been "sooo grounded". I can't figure out what I would ground her from??? She is NINE without a social life. I guess she watches alot of Hannah Montana and that's what happen's to Hannah when she does something bad!
CROSS YOUR FINGERS PLEASE!!! It will be about 200.00 to replace them. Of which she will be responsible for with her own money....well as much as she has.

Baby Jay loved being outside enjoying the beautiful evening!
As I was waiting on Jayda, I pulled out my camera to look for my picture of the day. I got a shot of a kite flying but it was just too far away. As I was snapping pics, the baby would aaa, aaa, aaa until I looked at him and snapped a pic of him. He realized he could aa aaa aaa and I would attend to him by talking to him and take his picture. He would smile big everytime I brought the camera in his direction.
Its my opinion that those movie stars complain too much about the paparazzi. baby Jay has me hounding him all day long with the camera and he is none the worse for it!

Picture of the Day:

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