Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sound the Alarm!

{read as if Paul Revere were riding through your living room}
The average person reading this would shudder at the notion of their inlaws "popping in" for a visit. I, on the otherhand, get very excited as I love visiting family! Hmmm, I said popping, but that sounds like it was spur of the moment but this has been the plan for a week.

So your probably wondering, "what is all the panic about? She says she loves her inlaws, loves family, and enjoys visiting. I am confused."

Well, it probably has to do with this:

{she says she can't wait to see my scrapbooking stuff...well here it is!!!!}

Or maybe this...

Possibly this...

But then there is this:

Now let's research my repertoire of reasons for neglecting my household duties.
It would be so easy to say it is because of this:

Or this:

And this:

I would be remiss if I forgot this:

Then there is this:

But mostly because of this:

Yes, this last one is the main culprit. But, I am creating a lifetime of memories for generations to come! I am leaving my history, my small impact on this world, all in the name of love!
Yes, that's my story and I am sticking to it!!!
I shall return after bit to update pictures. If you don't let me up now to go and get it done...nothing will improve!

Okay, I am sure you all have been holding your breath this afternoon just waiting for me to update this!
Just got home from having a wonderful meal at my parents. Chicken salads....delish!!!! Way to go mom...I so love that meal! It might, just might beat my favorite of all time meatloaf. Yes, in fact I do believe it does. So this November 16, I want chicken salads for my birthday dinner! TIA{thanks in advance}!
Yes, indeed a great deal done.
After an errand out to the post office,

I managed to spend the rest of the afternoon in my corner working to get it organized! I am now ready to scrap the world...bwahahaawahah{evil laugh}!
It's amazing what I can do when I set my mind to it! LOL
I have been talking about this for a week now and I finally managed to complete the task at hand!


By the way, even if I didn't get it organized sweet, sweet MIL would never had said anything anyways!
Thanks for taking a peek into my life today!
Enjoy the Picture of the Day!
My mother's Orchids...and the flower from our wedding reception.
Love love love these!


Anonymous said...

wow!!! sure got alot done!...cute, cute baby!
;) angie (craftyscrapr)

Stacy said...

Enjoyed how you told your story with the pictures, too cute. Have fun with the inlaws.

GLOANN said...

How refreshing to hear someone speak so kindly of their MIL. Being one myself, I can appreciate that. I am blessed with a DIL and a SIL. They both seem to love and respect me. The DIL is very vocal with it, and is always wanting us to come for a visit and stay for at least a week.

Your baby is so precious. You are so right to make your child a priority in life.

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