Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have a secret.

Quite possibly the most beautiful day Florida has seen in a year occurred today! Amazing how in one week, you can have cold, bitter weather and gorgeous sun shiney weather! This afternoon the high reached into just the 80 degree mark, not a cloud in the sky, slight breeze...heaven!

Peggy, Jay, and Jayne all traveled to Orlando to hit the Bass pro shop and then swing by Michael's office, and of course we were there to greet them!
Baby jay has just started in the last couple of days to only wanting me. UGH! Not only does it wear me out, he is one by one alienating everyone who loves him! I handed him off to Grammy and he promptly began to wail. Aunt jayne...well he pushed away from her and gave the best frownie cry going these days! Grampy, well that only lasted a second.

He has this way about finding me when someone else is holding him and he begs me with his eyes to please take him back. I love when I can look in his eyes and know what he wants. We have been so close for these 14.5 months. Yes, I am counting inutero! I know what he wants nearly before he wants it. I love when he wakes up from a nap and I get him up, he grabs hold of me tight(often even pinching its so tight) and cuddles his face into my neck! I love watching him do silly things. I love how my family loves and adores him. But, secretly, I love that he wants only me.
Mark my words, the sad day will come when I write about his adoration only for his dad. He will forsake me at all costs in order to trounce along behind his dad, or beg to be up on his shoulders to be off to see the world from a manly perspective! I will stand empty handed and empty hearted as my little baby boy grows up.
For now though, he is all mine, and I like it that way!

He was worn out after his visit!

Picture of the day:
baby Jay's new toy!

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