Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Go fly a kite!

I exercised today! Go me! Thanks mom for calling me early this morning! It was a great workout!
Jayda won her soccer game tonight. She even scored a goal...but we missed it because we got pooped on by an Osprey above us! UGH! The wind blew it right into us!!!! Dad got covered...good thing I had wet wipes!

Glasses Update:
No such luck...no one at pop warner, not the lost and found, not the coach...
Hmmmm. They absolutely disappeared off the face of the earth. Amazing how this happens!

Baby Jay had a large bowl of bananas and rice cereal before he nursed this evening! Hoping for a three a.m. feeding only...at the earliest....haha!

UPDATE*** Baby Jay was wide awake at 11 pm to 12:30 am. But then he slept through until 5:00 am. Not too bad!

Picture of the day:

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Anonymous said...

you did a terrific job on your blog it looked like it took a long time to make. you need to keep making blogs because everyone likes them.i love you mommy.

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