Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Jacob's team had been playing well and then they have lost the last two games. The coaches leave much to be desired in regards to attitude towards the other teams and the lessons they are teaching the children worry me. Just keep reminding jacob of the right thing.
He is having fun and playing very very well!
Jayda is busy in girl scouts and school.
Grades come out this week...Jayda had all A's and one B. Jacob I think is the same! Great grades this grading period!
I have been making jewelery and have made an order with my cousin to get sterling findings and semi precious stones. I can not wait for that order to come!
Here is what I made yesterday!

Jay LOVES being outside. Like is hysterical when it is time to come in!
He is exploring all around his world!
You will see some pics and some video of a recent outing!

Well, my oldest brother came through for my parents with a gorgeous card for their anniversary. So much so, that my mother immediately framed it and placed it on her book case. Gorgeous!

It has been threatening to rain all day and with that it has been very muggy and the air is you feel like there is a ton of bricks on your back!

I gave Jay his third haircut today...we went through three large lollipops as he kept getting hair on them and then trying to suck on them and becoming very very yucky. He was perfect though the end product is not so bad from a non professional and a squirmy baby.

It finally rained this afternoon. Jay went out and played in his first rain! He loved it! Afterwards, I stripped him in the garage down to his diaper and then took him back and put the blow dryer on him to warm him up! He had a ball!
PS: Don't mind the landscape, I need to do the spring weeding and mulching!

Oh, yeah, and I made another bracelet necklace combo during Jay's nap time!


rairie said...

Those bracelets look awful little to me. You are doing such nice work and I love your color choices. Keep it up.

Veronica said...

Girl!! I've been away, WAY TOO LONG! Jay is just too stinkin cute! Lovin the jewelry girlfriend! Umm, when can I start placing orders? DD has a birthday in June, but there is Easter first!! ;-) Seriously. Let. Me. Know.

Anonymous said...

I love your jewelry!! You're extremely talented! You really "out did" yourself with this blog. It's perfect. See you soon!!!!! Love, Mom

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