Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Bi-Ri" = Bike Ride

My mother showed up yesterday afternoon with a box. Jay saw it and immediately began to vroom. His daddy spent a lot of time and put it together. Jay waited patiently for him to finish....oh he didn't!
He kept picking up the pieces and walking away, kept picking up the hammer and its a wonder no one was impaled, and he kept taking parts and wheeling them away!!!

He always has to run around and see what I see through the view finder....

Yes, you know my mother is a seed beader...and my cousin Amy is an accomplished beader who sells her wares out of a shoe box to friends, family members, coworkers, sisters, sister's coworkers, special orders for weddings....welll you get the idea. She hasn't sold her stuff on yet. She is missing out on a huge group of people who would love her stuff!!!
Anyway, it's official...I am now a beader. No where near my families talent....but I have created one very nice piece so far...which I gave to my mom. You can see it below. My mother and I went to the bead show this weekend and these are the fun things I found. I just need sterling silver findings and head pins and I am set! Thanks mom for the bead magazines and tools! I am inhaling the magazines daily!

Here's my first piece!

Farme's/Flea market was this morning! It was so packed you could hardly walk! I got some vintage lace, stamps and sterling silver bracelet just ready to be recreated into a beautiful bracelet! Oh, yeah and some grapes...jay's favorite!
Second to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....they get an "mmmm" the whole way through!
Hope you are all well!


rairie said...

Incredible. I am in Texas at the dogshow and the hotel has free internet so I was able to see the video clips and read. It was so sweet. The kids are so darn cute. See you tomorrow night. Thanks for the ride!

Anonymous said...

Great to see the BIG BOY on the "Little Wheel"! Loved it!!! The jewelry is beautiful. Love, Mom

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