Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

December 31st- Jay was potty trained until about 8 pm. Used the heck out of the potty, made it every time except once! Then grew weary of it.
Today, January 1st...not so much. Could be for the best...I am solo this weekend as Mike has had to travel north to pay his final respects for his grandfather.

This afternoon, Jay and I are spending with my mother. Then out to dinner together!
Jay and I have gotten closer over the last two days! I am still not back to being better yet from my hernia surgery three weeks ago. It pains me to sit here at my computer this very instant!
Yet, I digress from my woes!

This year is a year all about love for me! Myself. My Family. My Friends. My Students. ETC.

Afterall, we all need a little more love!

Speaking of...Resolutions. So what are yours???
Have you set out to make some new ones?

Here are a few of mine:
1. Love more.
2. Create more.
3. Blog daily.
4. Clean more.
5. De-clutter.
6. Leave stories behind.
7. Create moments/stories/memories.
8. Fish more/Catch more fish!
9. Heal to the point where I can begin to exercise.
10. Be Health conscious! Celebrate the fact that my surgery cured my indigestion...I hope or it is back to Dr. Brawnstein for gall bladder surgery. I am not so sure I am ready for another of those! But, if I must...there is no better surgeon out there!
11. Remember others in little ways! Paying it forward.

Well, I must go and try and find something warm to wear that wont hurt my incision. I need to get out and beat the blustery day doldrums!
Til then...

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rairie said...

Remember that resolutions are only a wish. A wish to improve something. However we need to write down the plan, how to achieve our wish. The we need to revisit the plan often to fine tune it and evaluate if it is working. Enough sage remarks from the wise old one!

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