Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday Jacob!!!

It's official! My oldest has turned 13 years old! I shared photos of him as a baby on up through the ages in a birthday post last year! Go HERE to see the baby that is now a TEENAGER! You'll hopefully enjoy this post as much as I did! There are some great pictures of the children and great grandpa!
I took some photos of Jacob yesterday in a photo shoot outside before his birthday party!
Here they are straight out of the camera!

At 1:30ish, Jacob's friends arrived at the house. We piled in the Tahoe and headed out to the bowling alley. I got a great glimpse into the world of 7th graders! ACK! They were repeating lines from the Office and giggling the whole way there!
Once we arrived at the alley, we bowled for two hours! The boys had a ball. Jayda and Mike and Jay joined us shortly after we began. She had gone to a girl scouting event earlier in the day!

The bowling was a great success and the boys wholeheartedly agreed that this was way better than video games any day! They get so caught up in video games they do not think that much else matters! UGH! A source of contention in our house. Jacob wanted to use the money he has been saving to buy a Play Station 3. He has a wii, xbox, and nintendo 64. I had to be the "mean" mom and put my foot down about that one! He settled for buying himself the latest video game for the wii and is surprisingly happy!
After we finished bowling, we headed over to CiCi's pizza for all you can eat pizza...isn't this ever 13 year olds dream come true??? hahaha Jacob loves the joint and so did his friends!
Then it was back to the house! The boys played outside for about an hour...working off all that pizza they had eaten. It was a lot of fun for all of the boys! Then off course, it was in to play some video games!

Don't forget about the ice cream cake. Unfortunately, the icing made the ice cream melt more than didn't look as pretty as it usually comes out...but it was delish!!!
Michael gave jay icecream last night, he only broke out a little from it and told me, "I yuv iceceam!".

I missed him blowing out candles, but this was just after he blew!

Overall, it was one very fun day! Just before bed, Jacob came into my room and said, "Mom, thanks this was a really fun day!" I totally have to agree and look forward to many more wonderful birthdays. Next birthday up in the immediate family is she informed me this morning. 5 months and counting! hahaha

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