Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Walkie Talkie....

Almost. He was sitting in his high chair and being fed lunch, only to lean forward toward Cheerios and he worked his hand around crumpled up three fingers and a thumb and POINTED to let me know he wanted them...coupled with an "aaaah" sound. Now, that's what I call talking!

Now, let's get to the walking!

Jacob and Jayda are definitely what causes him to want to get up and go. He was walking all over the living room to each of them and playing with his toys today. He probably walked 6-8 times in the afternoon. Then, once Daddy was home and after we had eaten, Jay showed Daddy what a big boy he is becoming! It was so neat to watch Michael watch Jay reach this excellent milestone. I never imagined a baby of mine walking before a year old.....

Here's a little segment I was led to by Rachel on her blog! It will make you thankful for your life. Don't ever take anything for granted! The blessings are many, find yours today!

Blog ya later!

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