Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lights out....

It's a day late for seems this is the usual! Although, I have not been home for very long today!
This morning first thing, we were out the door for the farmer's market and flea circus. It was totally different than last week. Not as many farmer vendors and more flea vendors, but not necessarily better.
However, I did get a gallon size ziploc full of embroidery thread of every color imaginable...score!!!! 2$! Peaches and plums. Slim pickin's otherwise!
Done by 10 am, and heading to grocery/stuff mart. Find some cute clothes for children, then decide to go and shop at some stores for school clothes...picked over! In the process, Jayda is pushing young man child in stroller and crams said child into older man child's ankles. Said action sends mother over the top and shopping comes to a complete and utter halt, evil eye doled out, words exchanged and shopping done as in immediate exit from store.
Back to stuff mart and complete grocery shopping, while young girl child follows me around at least 10 paces behind. Not a word exchanged. Older man child sat in car with air on with young man child as he napped. Young girl child gets home, finishes bringing groceries in, goes to room, and proceeds to cry and cry. I ask her why she is crying. Because she couldn't shop for clothes. Do you know why? Yes, I tripped Jacob. No, you did not trip him, you crammed young man child into him. Yes, that's right. Get over it, stop crying or I will never buy you any school clothes.
Mommom and Papa sent 100$ for school clothes for the children. The first time ever and the children are finally "into" shopping for themselves for clothes.
She got herself over it and perked right up.
Probably because I looked at her legs yesterday and said she needs to start shaving her legs. She promptly began to nag me with when we would shave her legs. It was to be this evening...until the end all be all of lightening storms occurred and there was nothing getting shaved in this house this evening! Why you may ask??? We sat in the dark this evening!
jacob spent the afternoon golfing with marc, and then he hired jacob to mow his lawn.
I called Sam's Optical to get jayda's new glasses ordered. I then went in to pay for them. We looked around Sam's and then headed out to the house, only stopping at a thrift store and finding the most awesome Small set of encyclopedia's from 1957. You know how books can really really smell bad. Well, these one's do not. I have a strong smeller and most smells turn my stomach. These books are worthy of putting your nose in and inhaling deeply. It is as if they have sat in the most prestigious of library for many years. They found themselves in a pet free home, smoke free, and eloquently displayed for almost 60 years. I rescued them from the bottom shelf of the dingy old book shelf they had been retired to. They were 25 cents a piece and I got 14 3.50 minus 10 percent off of everything. I originally purchased these books as ephemera for my scrapbooks.
This evening, I pulled them out and shared them with everyone. We each took a book and began to thumb through them and we all found something we liked to look at. Jacob found the Learn how to draw section. I loved the legends, stories and nursery ryhmes section, the history and american states also caught my attention...but it all caught my attention. I have fallen in love with these books and have no idea if I will ever be able to pull them apart and use them. The information in these books are timeless bits of history, that remind us of a better time and place in history. I have to decide, if these memories will be better captured left in their original state or if they will do more justice repurposed in my personal history books.

Young man child is acting more like a dog. He crawls around the floor, picks up crumbs{cheerios that he throws on the floor} and eats them, begs for what I eat, drools, throws up where ever he feels like, and stinks often. He totally pushed the whole dog thing over the edge this evening as he coupled all this with "ruff ruff" "ruff ruff" "ruff ruff".
He vrooms, he barks, he says mom, he says jayda, he can't quite master dada. He knows when it is bathtime and makes a bee line for the tub once the water starts and tries to climb in{does this fit in the dog category???}. He is reaching from couch to coffee table and walking around things. he loves TV...Barney, Kipper, Caillou are a few of his favorites. He plays at his train table and knows how to open and close drawers.
Yesterday, while I ws helping Jayda in her bedroom...he ate something. I don't know what it was. I thought it was a marble, but Jayda said no she has he blue marble. He has been normal in and out of body, but has had chronic hiccups since. Hmmmm....LOL I am sure he is fine! Nothing poisonous, no meds, not money...but I can't tell you what it was and I promise I haven't been looking to see if I can find it!!!!

Speaking of Yesterday, jayda and jacob went to see the Tampa Bay Bucs at the training center in Disney Wide World of Sports. I made them adorable fun little autograph books, but Devin took them to get something to eat and they missed the autograph signing section of the training camp. Oh well, they got some good pics...if they could find where they placed the camera once they got home. hahaha

Power is back on and life continues as we know it.

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OMG I do not miss the stroller in the ankles shopping trips...fix that before I return!

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