Friday, August 29, 2008

School Antics

First off...what a great day in America!!!!

Jacob and Jayda are settling into their new schools with ease! Jayda has four good friends. She made one the first day-who was on her soccer team, another the second, and then two more yesterday! She has joined Chorus and loves it! She says her music teacher is very funny and the class is so fun!

She leads me to believe that there are some interesting characters in her class. One girl we shall call Shaniqua(*all names changed to protect the innocent), was moved to sit across from Jayda. Shaniqua, as I am told, does not complete her homework. When asked by the teacher why her homework is not signed and her work is not complete, she replies that her mother doesn't check it. When asked why, she responds that her mama comes home from work and goes straight to bed. This same child never stops I am told. She obviously talks so much that she never stops to swallow and has a tendency to spit as she talks. Jayda took one square to the forehead! Said child asks Jayda how to spell Junie B. Jones, and Jayda replies she does not know. Dramatically the child responds..."How dare you leave me in my time of need...meanie!"{That just cracked me up!} Jayda shared with me that when the girl called her a meanie, she almost felt like crying. Jayda said that it hurt her feelings that said child thought she was a "meanie"! {We talked about how she is unable to control herself and that includes words. We found the humor in it and she felt better.} Jayda said the girl "has boobs out to here!" I said does she wear a bra? Jayda responded, yes, but I do not think it is working...they go gaboing gaboing when she runs." {Again I was laughing hysterically}This same child has had to "sign in" two times yesterday for inappropriate behavior. Jayda is a quiet child in school and tends every year to have the "problem children" beside her because she does not stir up any conflict. This happened to Jacob as well through elementary school.

Jayda's desk partner is *Zach. She tells me Zach loves Ranch dressing. "He puts it on everything, even his hotdog! Zach is really nice-he just loves ranch alot!"

Jacob made three friends on the 4th day of school! I had encouraged him to talk to people. He went three full days talking to no one!?! A boy asked him if he could sit by him at lunch. jacob said yes, and they struck up a conversation about video games, Mario Kart. He has three classes with this boy. Another boy, he sits by in computer class and they have struck up conversation. A third has two classes with him and they started talking on the way to class in the halls. Phew! I was so worried he would never come out of his shell and make friends! These boys are not so colorful as those in Jayda's class. Stay tuned for more antics!

Jay is walking all over the place. In a few short days, it is apparent today it is his favorite mode of transportation! Into everything, and happy as a lark at his new found freedom!

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