Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Here's a look into our morning as a monumental school year began. It is our very first year at "our" school and not the school I teach at. It was full of excitement...starting with breakfast this morning! jay was ready and rearing to go!

We started the morning with bacon and eggs!

Cheerios for jay!

We asked Jay how big he was....and he said SO BIG!!!!
7:45 am and out the door with child #1....
How cute is she in hannah montana?
Loaded down with school supplies!

It was so funny. Jayda was nervous talking on the way to school. She saw some palm trees and said, Look how nice those trees look! They did nice landscaping. I wonder if it is going to be a nice day. On and on and on! Then we pulled up to the school and it was a madhouse! Cars were everywhere and was Jayda going to be late on the first day????????? UGH! She was a bit late but so were a lot of other children! Her teacher was sweet to her about it!

Talked to Mike...could you take Jake to school??? Traffic is crazy...Call him back, no I can make it, I have to take pics of him on his first day.

But I made him cry! He forgot to brush his teeth, and then we were on the way to school and he forgot his schedule so we had to go home. Then he couldn't find it...but it was right on the table all by itself! I told him he needed to be more responsible...and he started to cry! I made him cry on his first day! UGH!!! back peddle! Poor guy, he was feeling more stress than I was about being late for his first day! Ok, deep breath, relax, it's going to be fine! Can you tell he was tearing up before this picture? I forget sometimes he is a sensitive soul!
He took a picture of Jay...this is how he handled the whole morning...
I was able to capture the perfect moment as he was walking away. You could feel his insecurities as he stepped out, with no idea where he was going....supposedly they told him right where to go!
The day seemed to fly by! I almost missed the time to go and get Jayda! I have to leave at this time everyday to get her!

Again, another nightmare at the school!

We are patient!
She kept saying, "don't take my picture, I am sweating!" "It is so muggy!"
She made one friend...well, she already knew her. She played on her soccer team. Hopefully, she makes another friend tomorrow!

Time to go and get Jacob!!!

Oh no, here come the outer bands of Hurricane Fay!
And we wait in line!

Finally, there's Jacob...he was waiting for us, and wouldn't look at camera...but he entertained me at least!

His first day as a Middle Schooler!
Home for lots of snacks, he was starving!
I have a roast in the crockpot and bake potatoes are baking! Dinner will be shortly.

Michael is out in the garage getting the generator set up and preparing for Hurricane. It's been so long since we have had to do that....ugh! Too many ugly memories in Hurricane Prep! I survived them all and was alone. That was hard! Prep one weekend, Next weekend have hurricane, following weekend was cleanup! Never stopped for 5 hurricanes in a row!

Just got word, no school Tuesday and Wednesday. So weird!

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angie worthington said...

wow!..what a day!....stay safe from the hurricane....

Rachel said...

Awww! I love first days of schools photos! I hope it really was a good first day for each of them! They both looked like happy students!

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