Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet your teacher!

Ok, let's just say the last couple of days have been super hectic, exciting, and so full!
Yesterday afternoon I had to go and pick up Jacob's class schedule.
He was being such a pip and wouldn't let me take a pic while holding his schedule up. He got such a kick out of waiting til I pressed the button and flipped it immediately! MIDDLE SCHOOL BOY! hahaha

Once home, I realized Jacob was placed in the lowest Math and had two math classes??? So back to the school I headed and talked to the principal. She said, he may have to sit in class for two weeks before the schedule was fixed!?! I started stressing. I was so stressed out that I couldn't even blog! I called the school at 9 am and talked to the guidance counselor. He hadn't figured anything out at 10 when he called back, but promised he would phone at noon. This morning round about 11 o'clock I had to quit worrying and gave it up. It would work out like it was supposed to!
Sure enough 12:30 pmthe guidance counselor calls and says it is fixed! Thank God!
His schedule is as follows:
3rd-Advanced Math
4th-Computer Class
5th-Advanced Science
6th-Advanced World Geography
7th-Language Arts

Jayda was due at the school at 1:00 pm. On the way to the school, I stopped at Walgreen's and picked up Peanut M and M's and had included one of my handmade cards for the guidance counselor at Jacob's school. He totally went above and beyond to get Jacob placed! I didn't want the kind act to go unnoticed!
I need to interject here and say that Jacob did not accompany us this afternoon as he was golfing with Marc. They had lunch at Subway and then hit the course! Jacob doesn't play as much as he goes along to caddy and occasionally play a few holes.
Then on to the school for Jayda's big moment!
I think I may be more excited than the children are about school! I am going to try and get in and volunteer time in Jayda's classroom. Being a teacher in the past, I never was able to help out or chaperone. Heck, I missed every meet your teacher as I was busy with my own classroom!
Oh, it was an exciting moment! I stepped out of the car and strapped the baby on! We headed over to find Jayda's name on the master list hanging on the wall.
Jayda was WAY TO EMBARRASSED to smile for the camera so I didn't take her pic here!
She found her name on Miss W's class.

We then headed over to the map and looked for her room.

Here she was, all serious and explaining to me how we would get there!

Here she is with her teacher! Isn't she adorable? The teacher that is! I really liked her! It is her second year teaching! Reminds me of Rachel Elizabeth!

I asked Jayda to sit in her seat and smile. She refused for a long time until alot of the people had shuffled out of the room. I had a ton of paperwork to fill out, and as I was working on them she said to me in a soft voice, I'm sitting here and smiling now mom.

Here is her cubby!

This just brought back memories of years and years of getting MY classroom ready!

Outside her class.

Her classes bulletin board in the hallway. Look on thelower left hand corner by the school! This school is all self contained classes and this is actually a hallway inside the school. Set up like a "northern" school.

And of course, what is back to school without apples???

As we were leaving, I stopped at the PTA table and a kind woman asked me if I wanted her to take our picture. I said SURE!

Then, we were all finished and famished! It was a huge burden lifted from my shoulders as all the "back to school" things were completed!
Jayda chose Sonny's BBQ!

Now aren't these the cutest things ever? I made them yesterday on a whim! I loved how they turned out....especially because I SEWED with my machine instead of hand!!!

I made these today for an actual swap! ATC about owls.

Here they are together!

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