Saturday, August 23, 2008

The sun'll come out tomorrow!

It is almost gone!!!

We have had a ton of rain! Over 20 inches in three days, have pummeled us!
Our A/C unit is having issues and the house is damp. UGH! I am sick of this weather already!

I found something quite interesting! It is a sight where you plunk in your name and they tell you how many people have your same name in the USA! It is called How many of me?
*There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. that has my maiden name.
*There are 1,210 people with my married name in the USA.

It just goes to show you that 1,209 people want to be like me!!!!

Michael had some storm damage at his office and I had to run his drill to him this morning. Before I left, we were pummeled with another feeder band of the tropical storm! I had to turn around and go a different direction to the highway because of the flooding across streets! There are many homes with much damage!
Jacob took these pics as I drove!

Ok, the name of this street just about had me rolling on the floor with laughter!!!

Friday night I attended a scrapbook crop. In a nutshell, take your pics and albums and some stuff and work on your albums with other ladies doing the same. I had a project in mind but too many pics so I didn't accomplish much more than placing the pages in my new album I purchased. However, several ladies there thought my pages were, "over the top". Hmmm, ok...whatever. Different tastes I suppose...
They do "simple pages" and have a different style than I do. But I didn't criticize theirs....

daddy babysat and did a mighty fine job! When I got home, baby put his arms straight up in the air for me to pick him up and smiled at me!

The children are with their father this weekend. We were supposed to go to the inlaws, but the storm goofed up those plans. Not only that, Michael is signing a building tomorrow so that is the best reason of all!!!
School will be back underway Monday and life will get back to normal! Well, as normal as we get around here!

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