Monday, August 11, 2008

Rock on Dude!

I can not believe that it is the 11th of August. Time is flying. It won't be long and baby is going to be 1. What theme should we have for his first birthday party? Let's see, it is on October 29th. How about a costume party! LOL Nah, let's think of a good one. We have a couple months to start planning. I think my mother said she was excited to have it at her house. Oh, wait + eating cake on his own=big mess. Looks like it is going to be at our house! Pinatas, games, bounce houses, lots of, fun,...No not this year! But fun, nonetheless!
Baby Jay found this scarf when I was cleaning out my closet. He grabbed it from the basket and started biting it, and then pulling it out of his mouth. It is real woolly and it is the last thing I would want in my mouth. It is, on his defense, very soft and he chooches it like a blankie. Mommom made this by crocheting. It has so much drool on it now, who knows if it will be salvaged to be used as a scarf again. Michael refuses to let him have it because he thinks it makes the baby look like Liberachii.
How do you spell Liberacchi???

Baby Jay started saying vroom vrrrrroooom when he plays with his trucks. Here's a video of him doing it a little bit. Everytime I get the video, he is on to something else and not so "into" it.

I met a friend of mine today from Minnesota. We had lunch and shopped together! It was great having the chance to get out and be a normal human being without a child attached. It was so rejuvenating!
The baby was looking at Michael's computer screen where Stormie is the desktop picture. I said RUFF RUFF and baby Jay repeated Ruff ruff about 6 different times. Then when I tried to show it to his dad, he refused. Of course...looks like I am telling stories!

Another thing he started yesterday while watching sesame street was copying the count's laugh. Heh heh heh. It is so funny. Makes me laugh.
He will say Jayda, and dada still kind of comes out agadagada??????

The children were to the beach this weekend with their father.
Rumor has it, Jayda is an excellent surfer!?!? What the heck????
I guess they went with some friends who are big surfers. Jacob said she could ride the whole wave all the way in until the wave went away. I asked Jayda, "So you were hanging ten?" Jayda says, "What's that?"
When the children got home today, Jay was in the living room. They walked back to their rooms to put away their new backpacks. Jay caught sight of them and headed full steam ahead across the dining room floor crawling to go after them as they both did not say hello to him right away. It is the first time he has made a grand deal of their arrival. He was so tickled with them and crawled to them and pulled up on their legs.
Michael took a ride down past the school and back. He held up baby's head from the school home. I was asked if I knew how hard it was holding up his head while pedaling up hills. I couldn't imagine it...I wonder if Mike knows how hard it is to take care of the baby all day by myself??? But the most important question of the day is...does anyone know how hard it is to stay awake on a relaxing bike ride?????????????????

Let me leave you with this thought! ROCK ON, DUDE!!!!

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rairie said...

Good morning. It is about time. Sure like the pictures. Fav pics were the guitar ones.

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