Tuesday, August 26, 2008

in out in out in out in out in out

Drop off children at school, head back home, feed baby breakfast, back in the car to the allergist for Jay's recheck, back in the car and home to start my day. It is already noon when I get home. Just in time to make Jay his lunch. Then put him down for a nap. 1:30 I am back in the car to pick Jayda up, then as I am sitting in line she calls to tell me there is Chorus today. It started this week despite the tropical storm. No biggie...home again as we live a litle over a mile from school. That mile several times a day beats 25 miles one way to my school last year! Once back home I play with Jay. Picked her up at 3 pm and home again for 1/2 an hour, and then off to pick up Jacob and head to the grocery store for some groceries. However, Jay was put in and out of the car more than 12 times today! My poor back!

This evening Jay decided he was going to climb some boxes that had books in them. He pulled himself up on them and then stood up, Jacob exclaims, "MOM!" There Jay was king of the mountain! He will try and climb the dining room table if I let him one day. He must be watched like a hawk!!!

This afternoon, I caught Jay in his daily playfulness.

Da dunh da dunh da diddly dunh da dunh da dunh da da dunh da dunh da dunh da diddly dunh dunh dunh da na dunh....My Jay In The Box!

The child loooovvvees books and will sit quietly and look at them for great lengths of time. He's not real into sitting and listening to them...yet! As I read the pages, he turns the page and slams my fingers in the pages!

Jacob's homework has consumed two straight evenings. hmmmm, we have got to get that worked out. I am shocked at the busy work that he is given. He had to draw a scientist last night for homework...somehow he made a mistake and did too much detail, so the teacher made him do it again...What the ???????? Oh well......

Blog ya later!

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